Marian is on the move


If you have followed our previous coverage of Marian Call, you know that she's our favorite wandering geek-minstrel and catalyst of casual fun. Well, Marian's on the move in her Portland to Portland (and back!) tour, which has already taken her from the Pacific Northwest to New England. At this very moment, she's on her way down the coast toward DC. She'll meander across Penn and Ohio on the way to Minestrone, Wisconsin, Colorado, Utah, and finally end up (of course) in Portland again (on the way back to Alaska).

Braving the same trip is flightless wingman Scott Barkan.

Marian and Scott will be playing in a variety of small venues and at house concerts, and she'll be vending worthy goods. If you enjoy folksy singer/songerwriters with a novel, quirky edge, you should go see her. That's what I plan to do. It's Elementary!

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  1. Timmay says

    It was on this blog that I first learned about Marian!

    I'll be at both her shows in Minneapolis!

  2. Bob says

    If you want to hear a truly great musician and a wonderful entertainer, be sure to catch Marian's show.

  3. Fasolt says


    Thanks for the post. I had missed the previous posts about Marian. I went to her site and listened to some of the songs. Reminds me a bit of Sara Hickman. To use Bob's words, another great musician and entertainer. I'm going to try to make the Kingsville show.

  4. Mike says

    Sadly, she's on the return leg of her tour. I just saw her in Minneapolis and she was spectacular. I say "sadly" because there will be few opportunities left for people to see her on this tour. Her talent certainly deserves greater exposure. If you get the chance, go see her. Seth Boyer's guitar provided strong accompaniment to Marian's vocals. I'm already looking forward to her next tour.