With Apologies To Black Sabbath

Won't you listen to me?

When I first met you, didn't realize
Can't buy a condom, for Cory Gardner's lies.
He weirded the weather, in my clime.
Cut my brother's Pell Grant, him and his kind.


Treasury was empty, revenues way down,
Until Mark Udall, turned things around.
Abortion's free now, your uterus is clear.
I love you Sweet Pea, that fetus won't adhere.

Come on now, try it out!

Republicans don't know, what Science is about.
They put Neil deGrasse Tyson down, and shut him out.
On Election Day now, you'll vote Straight D!
We'll have an abortion, Oh Sweet Pea!


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  1. Daublin says

    Perhaps I am missing some sort of double humor here, but Neil deGrasse Tyson also doesn't have a good grasp of science. He has been caught numerous times making up data, and his show Cosmos has many historical inaccuracies. Whenever it comes down to making a point or telling the truth, he always goes for scoring a point.

    It makes him entertaining, for sure. As well, many would argue that the things he preaches are so important that we should forgive him. Whether that is true or not, it certainly makes him a bad spokesperson for "science", much less a good judge of who else is being properly scientific.

  2. Craig says

    But it makes NdGT a great guy to sit in judgment when it's time for you to face a heresy tribunal on the charge of "denying Science" — which sounds to me a lot like "denying the divinity of Jesus".

  3. Matt W says


    You've probably missed Patrick's long-running tirade against NdGT's tendency to make up quotes on the spot. He's putting words in Dr. Tyson's mouth as a sort of 'homage' to this.

  4. Dan Weber says

    I am missing some context, but I've used this video on self-professed liberals who loved Neil and thinks Republicans hate science: