The truth of white hair

“White here…. No, they have to be scratch and sniff. Can you make them or not? Look, I’ll call you back. Hi! Can I help you?”

“I need a fence a turney.”

“You need…”

“A fence a turney. The dark voice said you would help me.”

“I… uh….”

“Are you a turney?”

“OK. Yes, I am a turney. What can I do for you?”

“I am running from the man.”

“Did you talk to anyone?”

“I talked to a front eyes ruler and I talked to the dark voice but I did not talk to the man.”

“Well, that’s better than most of my clients. Are you in trouble?”

“The man wants to kill me. I think he wants to eat me. I broke the fence.”

“Did he try to hurt you?”

“No. He gave me food.”

“Why do you think he wants to kill you?”

“I did not find Roy. Maybe the man ate Roy. I saw a crime seen.”

“A crime seen? Where you broke the fence?”

“I broke the fence and ran. Now I am on a venture. I think I am in trouble for the fence.”

“I don’t think you broke the law. But I also don’t think the man broke the law.”

“What is law? I broke the fence.”

“Laws are rules that tell us what a ruler finds right or wrong.”

“But I know right and wrong. I do not want to talk like the front eyes!“

“I don't think there’s a crime here. I don’t see a way I can help you.”

“I am free. I am a bull of bulls. But now I am afraid. Maybe the man hurt Roy.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Pope hat signal.”


“Pope hat signal!”

“That doesn’t apply here. Where did you learn that?”

“The dark voice said to say it. I am a ruminati!”

The white hair breathed loud and talked to the wall. “Why is this my life?”

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  1. Fury says

    Angus, I have a Suffolk wether who goes by the name of Henry. Was a bummer lamb which I raised and now follows me around like a dog, responds to his name being called, etc. Very friendly, although when he urinates, he then proceeds to stomp his rear feet in the resulting puddle.

    Any suggestions on how to encourage him to not stomp in his puddle of urine? Other than that, he's a devoted wether, but it does kind of turn people off when they observe this pee-stomping behavior.

    Thank you for any suggestions/advice.

  2. Fury says

    I never thought of that! It's in his nature to stomp in that puddle of urine!

    Thanks – stay safe and if anyone tries to put a ring in your nose, I hope you will stomp the bejabbers out of them!

  3. Fury says

    That could be it as well. Am sort of sorry I did it in retrospect, as he is the best male in the flock in the past ten years.

    I'll be paying more attention to your posts in the future.

  4. onehsancare says

    Angus, I was so happy when you broke the fence. I think you are right; the man wanted to eat you. (I believe he did eat Roy.)

    I am a turney, too, and would like to help, but I don't think there is anything white hair or I can do. That makes me sad.