Next on the mic is my man, Hank

Big Bank Hank, 1957 – 2014

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  1. Czernobog says

    He was very good, but that verse was almost a caricature of shallow, forumulaic rap. "I make loads of money, and I use it to have sex with prostitutes!"

  2. says

    Yep. It's almost as if those tropes of self-aggrandizement and ghetto sexuality have their origin in the influence of this song, which first distilled them from that corner of Harlem and crystallized them in pop culture!

  3. Irrelevant says

    OK, no, this song was good, but it did not invent braggadocio. Not even in the specific context of music. That shit's so old it predates written language.

  4. says

    Well done, @Irrelevant! With enviable precision, you have put your finger on the precise claim in play, and have thereby shown yourself the deepest thinker of them all.

  5. says

    @czernobog, I'm sailing into the west. Please notify the next generation that by the revised rules that apparently govern Newthought, if some X has its origin in Y, then all X derives from Y.