Post-Holiday Deadly-Sin-of-Pride Open Thread

So you wrote a blog post that you thought was really good, but somehow everyone missed it. Or you just got a good column published. Or your kid won the Hunger Games. Or your dog learned to shake hands. Or you got your name in the newspaper for rescuing a squirrel. Or you're up to something you think is cool.

Tell us in this thread! I declare that the cultural norms against boasting do not apply herein, to the extent they ever apply on the internet.

Please note this is not a thread about recriminations from other threads or places.

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  1. says

    I just got one step closer to being able to go back to school to become a paralegal! OK, so it's not much to brag about, but I am so excited about this today!

    Also, I've got a couple of pretty good blog posts, if I do say so myself, and I do.

  2. Kevin says

    @Andrew Gross
    Well that's a rather disgusting thing to be proud of, but to each his own I guess.

  3. L says

    Won a case in the US Supreme Court.

    First win (not counting cert denials where I represented the respondent). My coworkers know, and I told my wife, and one friend, but that's pretty much it. I don't like to brag on Facebook. I brag to my parents sometimes, but I didn't tell them at the time, and now it feels a little weird because it's been a while.

  4. says

    Roughly a year ago today, I finished a large-scale mod of an older, popular indie game. And damn it, even if it isn't very popular, by general indies or the original game's community itself alike, I sure as heck am proud of the work I put into it.

    Anyone interested can click the web-link my posting name provides. Words of warning: I don't baby the player, and you won't find much satisfaction unless you play the original game first.

  5. L says

    If anyone here read ZarroTsu's comment and is wondering whether they should play Cave Story so that they can then derive full satisfaction from Jenka's Nightmare, the answer is yes. Run, don't walk, to the nearest computer, and play Cave Story.

    Congratulations, ZarroTsu, on your accomplishment! I look forward to playing it.

  6. Kateality says

    A case I worked on before my mat leave just got leave at the Supreme Court of Canada!

  7. Jander says

    Before it's final mission, I once got to go inside Shuttle Endeavour …..

    ….. when it was at the launch pad …..

    …. and climb into the pilot's seat!

  8. says

    My last blog post, posted in August 2014, was about the National Cancer Institute favoriting one of my tweets about the relationship between induced abortion and increased breast cancer risk. Said tweet was part of a thread in which I accused the National Cancer Institute of lying to the American people about the relationship for decades. The National Cancer Institute has 60K+ followers. A retweet would have been nicer:

  9. marvo says

    I have been missing your posts Ken. There seems to be something wrong with the refresh for the front page in firefox and it doesn't refresh. I can see your stuff if I click on your name at left.
    Someone else mentioned this in a comment the other day saying it had something to do with a setting in the headers.

  10. Mroll says

    I recently convinced a judge to declare a Florida criminal statute unconstitutional on 1st Amendment grounds.

  11. ZarroTsu says

    @marvo: Try ctrl+F5, or any relative methods to clearing the browser cache.

    (The same issue seems to affect the displayed number of comments on an article, too.)

  12. says

    Won my first and (so far) only case taken up on transfer by our supreme court, and had the satisfaction of seeing a certain trial judge reversed, with some pretty salty language from the Justices, just a few months before he retired:

    This was after the court of appeals affirmed the conviction in a unanimous opinion containing a blatant math error having to do with the number of days between two dates that could have been avoided by spending 15 seconds on an online date calculator:

  13. says

    I wrote an RTOS for ARM Cortex-M3/M4/M7 processors. Hurray for me. It’s small fast and simple. It won’t compete with ThreadX or VxWorks and the like but its small footprint allows it to work on smaller parts. It’s also much less expensive.

    I will follow up with another Hurray for me if I ever when I turn it into cash.

  14. Radium says

    I am very smart. I have nothing to show for it, because I'm also very lazy. But smart. Very.

  15. mass says

    21 years sober this month! Wouldn't go back for all the crack in Pacoima.

    @marvo my solution is to just bookmark ../author/ken/ and skip the front page, sorry Clark LOL whatever

  16. idhrendur says

    Like many fans of Paradox Interactive's history-based grand strategy games, I enjoy writing After Action Reports describing the events in the game. I also develop tools to continue in the next game once you've played to the end of one. These hobbies combined have led to my extended AAR going from 1066 to (so far) 1849:

  17. says

    Well, for the tabletop gamers here on Popehat, this weekend, I posted the 15th and final part of my walkthrough/review/rant/dissection of the first of the justly-classic Arduin books, the Arduin Grimoire, with Book 2, Welcome To Skull Tower, going to begin next weekend, unless it doesn't. Here's the main page for all the Arduin stuff:

  18. King Squirrel says

    Won the local pub trivia semifinals on questions about Land of the Lost.

  19. Basil Forthrightly says

    The drugs I started taking back in December for "Generalized Anxiety Disorder" are starting to work pretty well. (However, for some reason I still think Ted Beale is a tribal, narcissistic SOB. I suspect it's a cultural thing, him having been raised by a two-time felon dumb enough to try intimidating a Federal judge. Though maybe when the drugs finish stabilizing, a Deus Ex Pharmica will happen and I'll think better of the Teddy bear.)

  20. nk says

    Completed my CLE requirements a year earlier than the deadline for reporting compliance (it's a two-year reporting period in Illinois). But that should be considered routine.

    What I'm really proud of is that I ordered a faucet aerator kit online from Home Depot, paying for it with a Gift Card I bought at Walgreens. Take that, you young whippersnappers, I'm learning to use your internets. Do you know how to repair a leaky faucet?

  21. Ume says

    Today, by way of nearly chanting some of the tips ("depression lies," etc) from previous post, I asked for help to get an appt with a new doctor next week. (Haven't had a primary care dr. In 3 years. The medical system triggers huge anxiety.). And left the house to take a swim, and overrode my inner shouting to stop after 7 minutes. After a while, actually felt good as I swam. This was kind of huge. Back home, severe panic from the dr. appt. effort continued to flow. Such a drag. Went out for a walk anyway. This too was huge. Still panicking badly this evening.

    Was't going to bother writing this, since who gives a fck anyway. Have written it even though humiliating to write about such things as though they mattered. Open mind. Did these things even though the anxiety is so painful that my future seems impossible. For me, to act at all when I feel so bad and the anxiety is screaming, is huge. Remaining frozen has been a major impasse. Still ashamed to post this, though. But doing it.

  22. idhrendur says

    Ume, well done! As little as it matters from some random person the internet that you don't know, I'm proud of you!

  23. Jennifer says

    I made my student loan payment on time this month. Believe me, this is a big deal.

  24. says

    I started my website at the start of the web in mid 1994 (it was originally a combined gopher and web site!) and have continued to blog about cool stuff every single day since 3 July 1995, whether anyone reads it or not. Actually, I should have a 20th anniversary celebration.

  25. JD says

    Got a job for next year! I think…

    I hate academia.

    Congrats to everyone else for their everythings!

  26. says

    I drew an awesome cartoon of the dread pyramid of ichlichlichlich(I'm going to run out of "lich"es soooooo -just hit the middleman wiki, okay?)lichitzl and a franking adorable Sasquatch.

    And I'm learning how to web cartoon from scratch.

  27. says

    @andrew gross. Don't let the Kevins of the world get you down. That was a milestone to be proud of and the anti-semites can take a long walk off a short pier.

    (full disclosure: I'm Lutheran: no dog in this fight)

  28. says

    @Ume – We all give a fuck. From someone who grew up with a mother with severe anxiety/bipolar, who probably suffers from a very mild form of the same herself, and currently lives with a roommate with the same: Good job getting out there! It really does help, even if it's almost impossibly difficult to start with.
    There's nothing shameful about it. Think of yourself as going through "physical therapy" for your mind. A legit medical problem caused your mental "muscles" to work incorrectly. So, you go through exercises to build those muscles back up. It's tough, it hurts sometimes, but when you stick with it long enough, the difference is huge and you're much freer.

  29. says

    Ume, it matters. It matters so very much to those of us who are still struggling to take that first step, to make that phone call, to face our fears. It matters. You matter.

  30. Eric says

    I wrote a story that was accepted into an anthology and will premiere at the Anthro New England convention in 2016.

  31. IndyJaws says

    I'm proud that a former governor/current college president from my home state of Indiana actually demonstrated a functional understanding of free speech and didn't continue the pattern of social embarrassment so expertly practiced by our other politicians.

  32. Kairho says

    Not my blog posts but I'll bet a number of people are missing some Popehat posts.

    Going to takes me to Ken's 30 April post.
    Going to takes me to Clark's 23 May post.

    And from there I ad to click on Ken, under Authors, to see the short summary of this thread.

    Only happens with Popehat. Wassup?

  33. NS says

    I left my job of ten years at the start of the month, and took a new position. I've been afraid to give up the security that comes with being at the same company for that long, so it was a bit of a brave move for me, and it's worked out well so far!

  34. W. S. Huff says

    My oldest son is going to be in a movie with Paul Rudd! My youngest son had his mug on a coupon for fish sticks! My LDL and total cholesterol was elevated! Oh wait . . . two out of three ain't bad.

  35. Andrew Gray says

    I took my second Unlawful Detainer case last week and it blew up in my face. Client recanted about how much rent was due, which made the three-day notice invalid. Judge scolded me in the courtroom. I managed to patch the whole thing together, get client and tenant to talk about settlement. They reached an agreement, which saved the whole messed-up case.

    The thing is, I picked up the case as an appearance assignment for $50. I had the case documents for a full 12 hours before the hearing, yet I saved Random Inattentive Attorney's ass. Enjoy your several hundred dollars — what I got with my $50 was pretty valuable experience. So I figure I came out ahead.

  36. NS says

    I have represented nine people in ten death penalty cases (one guy charged with two, it's complicated under VA's aggravation laws). Not one got death. Only two went to trial as death penalty qualified (one went as first degree after death was taken off the table, that one was a not guilty verdict). One got life (previously had death, but was a juvenile when our habeas was pending and was commuted to life, but still not death) and all the rest have sentences to term of years. Most rewarding pretrial work I have ever done.

    Was offered a position as capital Defender, and stupidly took a job as corporate counsel instead. Worst decision ever.

  37. Andrew Gross says

    Codex: thanks. I won't begin to try to understand why someone would be offended by the opinion that bullying is wrong. (Perhaps his comment was based on the title, and he didn't bother to read the article.)

  38. says

    Must… Resist… Argh, ok.

    My daughter just got admitted to the International (English) Baccalauréat Option, 100-150 applicants for a class of 25. She'd been working like never before over the whole past year and raised her English level by an order of magnitude to get admitted. Ok, so that's a cool thing that is happening to her, but OTOH, she's the cool thing that's been happening to me — ok, and my wife — ok, and our whole family — for the last 15 years.

  39. says

    I sold my first short story! Short stories don't pay well, but someone actually paid me money for a piece of writing that I wrote!

  40. En Passant says

    My dearest friend of more than 50 years died just over a week before Labor Day, and I didn't immediately get drunk and stay drunk for the entire week. But I'm not sure whether to boast about my accomplishment or apologize for my mistake.

  41. says

    Somebody tweeted that he liked one of my novels today. Also, I totally read two books to my kids before they went to bed.

  42. Thinkingofnamesishard says

    My dog got out of surgery alive! She still has cancer, but yay!

    I'm a long-time lurker, so that's another one: commented on popehat for the first time!

  43. says

    @Kit Harding: Holy crap, that's an impressive accomplishment! I used to run a lit mag and send out poems/stories to magazines, so I know exactly how hard it is to get published in one that PAYS for that stuff. Congratulations!

  44. Corporal Lint says

    I just got through that damn meeting without punching anyone in the face. Trust me, it's an impressive accomplishment.

  45. says

    (A friend suggested this as a fun law-related blog, so…)

    I got sued for $2M, basically for reporting (blatant) plagiarism, see typical sample

    Fortunately, it did not last very long. They started it in March 2014, subpoenaed several groups, long before March 2015, when they finally served me. Five weeks later, they voluntarily dismissed.

  46. kmc says

    I just got the results back from the extensive psychological testing I've probably been needing for a long time now, giving me something at least semi-official to show for *ahem* generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder, unspecified ADHD, unspecified borderline or avoidant personality disorder, and possible level 1 ASD, for which I can finally get real treatment. Also, in spite of all that, you'd look at me and just about see a functioning adult–husband, two happy kids, house, professional career in science. It's not going great, and I don't have a lot of faith I can keep it up, but so far, not disastrous.

    Oh, and I got rejected from grad school and a job application within the last couple of months and have not yet given up on either possibility, which shows a significant increase in my ability to be optimistic and not feel humiliated all the time. Here's hoping that someday, I won't have to fake it all the time.

    My kids each got a pony ride at their last birthday party, which makes me feel good about their chances in the lifelong struggle for domination against that most despicable and terrifying creature.

  47. SKW says

    New job. New. Freakin'. Job.
    About time.
    It's near to killing me that it won't get announced until next week.

  48. Florent says

    @Andrew Gross: your last sentence:
    >Infant circumcision is a mitzvah for Jews and a legal medical procedure for all.
    Implies that:
    * You approve of cutting peoples dicks without their consent
    * You do so because your god told you so
    That makes you a creep.

    It is obvious that most people disagreeing with you are not supporters of bullying, so any missinterpretation of their arguments is disingenuous.

  49. Dawn Smith says

    @andrew gross
    I read your article. It was enlightening. I was unaware this was taking place. It is wrong.
    I chose to leave my son intact 16 years ago. Why? To reduce the risk of sexual dysfunction later in his life. To avoid the risk of harm any surgery entails. Because it's his body and his choice. I cannot speak to the anti-semitism reasoning, I believe it was advanced here in the US in the early 1900's as a cure for onanism which was believed to lead to insanity and a host of other maladies.

  50. Jonathan says

    Started a company, did over 2m in revenue, company failed last year. Finally got over my frustration and disappointment and landed a pretty good job in the same industry. Start monday!

  51. GaelLawyer says

    My last firm imploded and laid off every single attorney. I was terrified that I was going to be unemployed for months like the last time I got laid off (maybe I should do a better job at picking firms?). Instead, I busted tail and contacted every lawyer I have ever worked with. Apparently I have previously made good impressions because I had 4 different job offers in a week and was working less than 3 weeks after getting laid off. Got hired to try second chair a trial that was only a week away. After my now boss' opening and my cross of plaintiff's expert, the demand dropped by over 90%. Not bad for my 2nd week on the job. As the primary bread winner for a family of 6 (my wife works but is a public school teacher and doesn't make much), the anxiety of being unemployed again almost broke me. Now I'm ecstatic to be where I'm at. I just have severe survivors' guilt. I'm the only attorney in the former firm who has found a job.

    And @UME, it is a big deal and people do care. Anxiety, depression, etc. are NOTHING to be embarrassed about. You made some pretty huge steps. Keep trying! I've lurked around this site for a really long time without commenting. But the people around here are pretty cool. To the extent a bunch of random people on the internet with goofy handles can have your back, we (and yes, I'm going to be pretentious enough to speak for the commentariat here) do.

    @kmc, as someone who deals with a lot of the same issues (basically every diagnosis there except ASD and I have severe ADD, not ADHD), get going on some treatment. Is it a magic pill that makes everything sunshine and rainbows? F@#k no! But it does help. My only criticism, how could you let your children near such evil, vile creatures as ponies? Has Ken not taught you anything?

  52. JustAMom says

    June 2nd is the 1 year anniversary of my mastectomy (right only). On Tuesday my trainer let me bench press a standard olympic bar! It's 44 pounds with no additional weights.

  53. AlmostALawyer says

    I got a JD and had several days to celebrate before I started bar prep. Also bought new pants!

  54. Trebuchet says

    Add me to the list of those for whom Popehat doesn't update properly. My second-greatest accomplishment today was remembering to click Ken's name. Chrome on Win7.

    My real accomplishment is that I've got the carpets shampooed for 3/4 of the house. Just the Dining Room, Hall, and one bathroom to go. (It's not a large house.)

    Oh, and can we leave off the circumcision debate?

  55. MM says

    At the premier Tiffany auction of all time, The Garden Collection was sold off by Michaans in CA. One of my leaded windows, featured in the auction catalog of Tiffany and the only new work allowed into the auction, sold.

    Cool thread BTW, I've enjoyed reading everyone's comments.

  56. OrderoftheQuaff says

    60 years old today, and my most important parts still work great, including the little soldier. TMI?

    on the law front, I've been retired for a long time (except for <1 hour/month as the judge of the lowest court in America), but just last week, after a friend-of-a-friend got ripped off in a real estate deal, i told her how to initiate state and federal investigations against the perp, and we're getting fair value for our tax dollars so far on this one.

  57. says

    Oh my. Is this thing really on? … I…I promise not to mention ponies. I hear it's a touchy subject around here.

    Having collected and posted a few scraps of paper and written about happy experiences in my younger days, I accidentally became the world's most prominent authority on one particular laser tag facility. That the world has thus far been reluctant to scrape up a fig to give on such an utterly obscure topic is no surprise, but it seems safe to hope to double the regular readership of the above linked blog from two to four with your kind offer of a gloating-stage.