"Bald, Fat & Crazy" — A Book About Perseverance

Today I write in praise of a new book called "Bald, Fat & Crazy." No, it's not a memoir, but thank you for asking.

Nearly a decade ago my friend Stephanie Hosford found herself unexpectedly pregnant, diagnosed with a virulent form of breast cancer, and just months from a long-planned international adoption, all at the same time. The book, freshly released and justifiably well-reviewed, is the story of how she handled it. It's funny and inspiring, and useful in reminding us that whatever faces us, someone else is facing something even scarier. Check it out.

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  1. LrdDimwit says

    But Ken hates marketers, doesn't he? I get the feeling no matter what the Popehat book would be about, the dust jacket would be something about ponies. The licensing for the pictures alone would probably be enough to kibosh the whole thing …

  2. Deniable Sources says

    Good book! Quick read, or maybe I just didn't want to stop reading it. Gotta love Kindle and instant gratification…