Popehat Signal: Please Help Mandy Nagy And Her Family

It's time for the Popehat Signal. I failed last time I lit it in this case, but I'm lighting it again, hoping that the community of civic-minded, speech-cherishing, evil-fighting lawyers will respond.

I need your help defending a stroke victim and her family against a domestic terrorist who has replaced his bombs with ongoing vexatious litigation.

Mandy Nagy is a writer. I had the pleasure of speaking with her several times; despite our rather distinct ideological differences I found her kind and devoted to doing good.

Two dramatic events have changed Mandy's life in recent years.

The first event resulted from her job: she wrote posts about how Brett Kimberlin, the sociopathic "Speedway Bomber," was reinventing himself in certain circles as an activist. That earned her a place on the list of Kimberlin's enemies — people subjected to repeated, frequent, frivolous litigation. I've written about his campaign before, from his bogus defamation cases to his fantastical RICO claims to his attempts to make mentioning him a crime. Kimberlin has repeatedly sued Mandy Nagy. As Mark Steyn says of political cases, the process is the punishment: Kimberlin's goal is to inflict ruinous cost, stress, and distraction, whatever the eventual outcome of any given case.

The second event was more random and brutal. In September 2014, Mandy had a serious and debilitating stroke. Her friends at Legal Insurrection, where she sometimes wrote, have passed along updates about her condition. Mandy, a bright, vocal, independent woman, is now fully dependent on others, slowly learning back the moment-to-moment skills we take for granted. She can understand much of what people say to her, but has significant problems communicating or reading. Her care is very expensive and quite all-encompassing for her devoted parents.

There is no way she can participate meaningfully in defending herself against a vexatious litigant, nor earn money to fund such a defense.

Naturally Brett Kimberlin, a sick and twisted predator in every sense of the word, is taking advantage.

This March, a federal judge in Maryland dismissed almost all counts of Kimberlin's ludicrous RICO suit against almost all defendants.1 Kimberlin was undeterred. He's in it to inflict pain, not to win. So he re-filed a substantially similar case in Maryland state court. Once again Kimberlin flailed at a wide range of individuals and entities — bloggers, blogs, a lawyer, anyone who had called him out. And, once again, he named Mandy Nagy as a defendant — this time as "Mandy Nagy, by her representative Ginny Nagy" — Mandy's mother. Kimberlin smirkingly noted that Mandy is "legally incompetent" and that her mother is her legal representative. Once again, Kimberlin claimed that Mandy was part of a vast conspiracy to destroy him, specifying her articles that pointed out that he was a convicted bomber, convicted drug dealer, convicted perjurer, and all-around scumbag.

Some other defendants in the case have counsel, and have filed strong motions to dismiss pointing out the frivolous and harassing nature of Kimberlin's suit. But Mandy Nagy doesn't have counsel. She can't earn money to pay one and can't write to anyone asking for help. Her parents are using their time and resources for her care and rehabilitation. Her interests aren't protected. And Brett Kimberlin will try to use her — and normal decent people's sympathy for her — as leverage.

She needs help. She needs a lawyer admitted in Maryland to represent her in this case. She needs a pro bono champion.

That lawyer would not stand alone. There are plenty of people out there not admitted in Maryland who would contribute advice, time, legal research, and backing. That lawyer would be able to join motions by co-defendants, take advantage of work already done in other cases, and appeal to the national legal community for assistance. But she needs boots on the ground. This woman — who is being harassed by a vile predator for daring to write about him — needs someone to stand up for her.

Please help. I've always been deeply grateful for responses to the Popehat Signal before. You — the community — have fought evil successfully again and again. I've mostly failed in my effort to find enough pro bono lawyers on the ground in Maryland. Some have helped already, putting in long pro bono hours to fight Kimberlin — especially Ron Coleman of Archer & Greiner PC and Bruce Godfrey of Jezic & Moyse LLC. But they can't help everybody all of the time — others need to step in.

I know I am asking a lot. Kimberlin isn't the brightest ball bearing in the IED, but he has a low animal cunning and an inexorable thirst for vengeance, and can be a huge pain in the ass. But I'm asking anyway. Please help this woman. If you're an attorney in Maryland, please represent her. If you know attorneys admitted in Maryland, please reach out to them.

Kimberlin has supporters — people who like him because he hates the people he hates, and think that the means of vexatious litigation are justified by the end of harassing wrong-thinkers. I'm not asking you to become an ideological ally of Mandy Nagy. I'm not asking you to agree with her. I'm asking you, please, to protect a tragedy-stricken family from a genuinely evil man seeking to abuse the system to punish speech that irks him.

Please help if you can.

Note: there are other people targeted by Kimberlin's litigation abuse in this case, too. They also need support, even if their circumstances aren't as harrowing as Mandy Nagy's. If this request reaches enough people to help them, too, I know Mandy would appreciate it.

  1. Full disclosure: one of the defendants in the Maryland federal case is Patrick Frey. As readers here know, I represent him pro bono in another frivolous and censorious lawsuit in California, and have given him pro bono legal advice in connection with Kimberlin's harassment, which I see as part of the same pattern of ideological abuse. The federal judge in Maryland preserved one cause of action against Patrick, finding that Kimberlin had alleged facts which if assumed to be true stated a cause of action. That, naturally, has been cited by Kimberlin and his dishonest sycophants as "the judge found that Kimberlin proved his case," which is utterly untrue.  

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  1. Scott Jacobs says

    Kimberlin is so noxious a troll he's been retired from the running for Censorious Asshat of the Year, because he always won it!

  2. says

    I think many Popehat readers already know a lot about Brett Kimberlin, but just in case, I wanted to add a few points.

    Brett Kimberlin is very tenacious and does not give up easily. When, in the 1970s, he was prevented from seeing the object of his pedophilic relationship, he did not run away in shame. Instead, he had the girl's grandmother murdered by way of retaliation (indeed, today is the anniversary of the murder of Julia Scyphers). When he was jailed for 50 years for the subsequent bombings, he did not give up either. He began cheating his surviving bombing victim out of her judgment, did legal clerk work for the mob, tried to start a relationship with a minor high school girl, sued many people frivolously, and fought for parole. After getting out on parole, he cheated his surving bombing victim even harder, wrote songs about his pedophilic interest in underaged girls (and bragged about the songs to the media), and filed frivolous suits to intimidate his bombing victim. Temporarily back in jail in the late 90s, he spent his time filing more frivolous lawsuits, and also befriended convicted child porn consumer Craig Richard Gillette, who more recently helped Brett harass and annoy Brett's critics.

    According to Brett's own authorized biography, and his wife, Brett even kept nude pictures of the underaged girl whose grandma he had murdered in the 1970s.

    Brett has all day every day to work on defending these interests. He will fight for them to the end. The only way to ensure he stops is if the defenders of his victims are more tenacious.

    If you can't do legal work, you can donate to Mandy here: http://www.gofundme.com/f6yqmo

    You can also help some of the other people targeted by Brett here: http://bombersuesbloggers.com

    Feel free to make your name anonymous to reduce the chance of Brett retaliating against you.

  3. En Passant says

    She needs help. She needs a lawyer admitted in Maryland to represent her in this case. She needs a pro bono champion.

    Dumb question : Is it possible for a lawyer not admitted in Maryland to become her Maryland counsel pro haec vice?

    If so, that might make a larger pool of volunteer lawyers possible.

  4. shg says

    What is Jacobson and the other lawyers at Legal Insurrection doing? Jacobson is a lawprof at Cornell, and I would bet he knows a prawf or two in Maryland.

  5. pk says

    En Passant: Is it possible for a lawyer not admitted in Maryland to become her Maryland counsel pro haec vice?

    I've had to secure pro hac vice admission in many states over the last couple of years (albeit not in Maryland), and it typically requires the out-of-state attorney to be associated with local counsel who will be on all pleadings and participate in all proceedings before the court. So while this arrangement could help by reducing the burden on a Maryland attorney, it would probably still require pretty active involvement from local counsel.

  6. sorrykb says

    Is there anything that those of us who are not lawyers can offer that would be helpful?

  7. sorrykb says

    And I'll answer my own question by reading the rest of BKWatch's post for the gofundme. Thanks – I can do that at least.

  8. says

    Ken thank you for your kind words. I am local counsel for Patrick Frey in one piece of federal litigation filed by Mr. Kimberlin. Mandy Nagy was also my client before and after she suffered the medical event described above, until the U.S. District Court dismissed her counts.

    There are two things that need to be made clear.

    First, Ron Coleman deserves far more credit than do I for this work; that needs to be clear. I am glad to have helped in a few small ways but the credit needs to go to Ron, full stop.

    Second, it is absolutely possible, and routine, for attorneys who do not always share a particular perspective of a client to represent that client pro bono. (Lawyers know this, but stated for non-lawyers.)

    Thank you for sending up the signal, Popehat.

  9. Sami says

    I know nothing of Mandy Nagy's ideological affiliations, but at this point she could be to the right of Ann Coulter and I'd still be eager to step up for her… if I were a lawyer admitted in Maryland, which I'm not, and I suspect her family needs help in less time than it would take for me to become one.

    I really hope someone can be found.

  10. Barry Melton says

    Also, to (sadly) pile on, it looks like between her stroke in September and somewhat recently, her domain name expired and somebody else scooped it up as a good place for teen life advice and fashion tips.


  11. j says

    I don't get it….she had a stroke and is forever an incompetent adult……once she depletes her ass-sets she is a ward of the state…..if this is a legit claim or defense why isn't the state stepping up? Surely the state isn't going to let the perp walk. When they could save the estate ……or make rain on the estate…..Your battle…..pick 'em. But sympathy like this sought is short. And to the point…..if anyone is to defend this gal it should be the state…..cuz they will be paying for her.

  12. says

    I am just thinking….the only one with skin in the game is the gov….she is a ward……they can either let the guy take her to task……and make taxpayers pony or defend her. The 'inequity' is how the gov handles it……if they let her and the taxpayer get robbed……then we need pro bono but the govt does it's paid job we shouldn't.

  13. says

    This is Aaron Walker, one of the defendants in this ridiculous case. And in mandy's case it is truly ridiculous, because it falls outside the statute of limitations.

    Further, there is no personal jurisdiction here, not proper allegation of damages, and on and on. It is a bad complaint, period.

    So it might be (cross fingers) a simple matter. No guarantees, of course, but there you go.

  14. princessartemis says

    j, her parents have skin in the game. Standing back and letting this asshole drain them and her dry just because it's Someone Else's Problem is vile. Knock it off.

  15. Dustin says

    As sorrykb noted, there's a gofundme to help with the costs of Mandy's care. Those costs are considerable.

    I am a friend of Mandy's. She was always unafraid to tell the truth about villians who others were scared of (and that she was scared of, but refused to be silent about when there was truth to be told). For years she complained about medical problems and the stress she faced from this matter, but she didn't back down. I guess it's silly to try to connect the dots between that and her stroke, but to me, she suffered willingly because she wanted to do good.

    I urge any Maryland lawyer to please step up and at least ask to learn more about this matter.

    j, you are misinformed. Your comment that Mandy is a ward is not the truth and appears to be intended to keep people from volunteering to help a worthy cause. You have a moral responsibility to learn what you are talking about and correct what you said. I suggest reading the legalinsurrection post on this as well as the gofundme link posted by sorrykb above. And everything Ken wrote is true and frankly pretty judicious (where I would phrase things more sharply). Your 'if this is a legit claim' only underlines how little you know about this situation.

  16. Barry Melton says

    @Dustin — to be fair, he didn't say she was a ward now, but that she would be once her assets were depleted, if the case were to move forward with her non compos mentis.

  17. Piedmont says

    Ken, I know some Maryland attorneys. What level of representation are you looking for? Do you want someone experienced in First Amendment law, or will anyone barred in MD do?

  18. AnonLawyer says

    I'm an attorney in good standing in Maryland. I don't have a practice set up (I work in politics now), but I've dabbled in pro bono work over the past few years even while I was doing political things, so as far as I know I can still do it. I'd be happy to discuss the possibility with Mandy…

  19. says

    AnonLawyer – please call or email me. I will attempt to get you looped in with her family. I am at [mysurname} @ myobviouswebdomain DOT com

    Piedmont – thank you. Ditto if you'd like to chat. Deep experience not needed strictly, though of course obviously helpful. Would be nice to get a team to share the load.

  20. Stoutcat says

    Not a lawyer, don't know any MD lawyers, but just donated to her GoFundMe page.

  21. Alan says

    Have you tried contacting Jamison Koehler? He's on your blogroll and seems like a competent sort.

  22. Canuckamuk says


    Your comments that seem to be arguing against people assisting Mandy, make me wonder if you are not one of "Team Kimberlin" up to their normal ass-hat tactics.

  23. Anthony Mxyzptlk says

    The question I am about to ask may sound sacrilegious to the many lawyers out there, but WHAT HAPPENS IF MANDY IGNORES ALL THE LAWSUITS AND LETS HIM GET A HUNDRED OR MORE DEFAULT JUDGMENTS?

    Mandy's medical expenses are going to eat up whatever assets she may
    have, and if Maryland law allows spendthrift trusts, her parents can use one to protect whatever may be left for her after they are gone.

    A good asset protection lawyer can probably hide whatever nonexempt assets remain, but they should start NOW, to get a few years' lead time before her adversary starts getting judgments. And some of these vexatious litigants never go to trial, where they would actually have to prove what they are saying. He may lose some of the trials even if nobody shows up for Mandy!

    The reality is that if Mandy has no (nonexempt) assets, it doesn't matter much whether this guy gets money judgments against her, because you can't get blood out of a stone. One thousand dollars or one billion dollars — if the judgment debtor has nothing, the judgments are worthless.

    It seems to me that Popehat readers could do Mandy and her parents a real service by lining them up with a team of CPAs, financial advisors, and asset protection lawyers, who probably don't have to be licensed in Maryland, since they will not be making court appearances.

    Once the asset protection measures are in place, Mandy and her parents should IGNORE this guy's litigation. He has stolen so much of her life already that he does not deserve one more minute of her attention or theirs.

  24. Karen says

    I am headed over to the go fund me page for Mandy. My daughter had a massive stroke – luckily while she was still inside of me. It took her longer than most to speak and read, but she is now a HS senior and a top student. I feel for Mandy's family. I hope a lawyer helps out. To those lawyers who have offered already, you have increased my faith in the legal system. You are truly guided by a great good.

    It seems to me that a person is being taken advantage of because of their disability.

  25. Rick says

    Kimberlin isn't the brightest ball bearing in the IED,

    Just wow. That's a new one for me.

  26. says

    It should be noted that several of Kimberlin's bombs did employ lead balls – in fact, he cleaned one area sporting goods store out of its entire stock of .445 caliber lead shot. One of these was placed in a residential apartment parking lot underneath a Speedway police patrol car. You see, the police's investigation into the murder of Julia Scyphers was leading them to Brett Kimberlin. Apparently the bombings were in part intended to gum up the small Speedway police department, which only had a few patrol cars and hadn't had a murder case in decades.

  27. Neshobanakni says

    The speedway bomber is the scum of the earth. That said, wasn't Nagy making outrageous sexual harassment claims a few years ago?

  28. Dustin says

    Anthony Mxyzptlk, I could be mistaken, but I believe the statute of limitations has elapsed on their claims. Letting them win a default judgment for a case like that would greatly help Kimberlin avoid being labeled a vexatious litigant. There's a reason you think your advice sounds foolish to lawyers… it's because it's not very good advice.

    "wasn't Nagy making outrageous sexual harassment claims a few years ago?"

    That is a bizarre thing to say. You don't make clear what you're talking about or provide a link. I've never heard of these claims. I think it's extremely nasty to attack someone's reputation when they are unable to defend themselves or answer, as is the case for Nagy after her stroke. Your comment suggests it's OK for her to be victimized by an evil person because of vague claims you won't back up. It is now routine that any critic of Kimberlin faces a large number of strange and baseless claims that seek to create the aura of 'both sides are bad'. Mandy is a good person who deserves better.

  29. Anthony Mxyzptlk says

    I appreciate your tactful comments. I assumed that any claims vulnerable to the statute of limitations had already been weeded out by the volunteer lawyers by way of general demurrer, motion for judgment on the pleadings, or whatever procedure Maryland law has.
    It's pretty easy for seasoned vexatious litigants to plead their way around the statue of limitations, and to defeat summary judgment motions, simply by alleging things that aren't true. They don't feel bound by the truth the way ordinary people do.
    I can't think of a single thing Mandy's parents can gain by getting a judgment against this guy. He is uncollectable, obviously. Loss prevention, by preventing him from getting a judgment against Mandy, is the only logical reason to spend time and money litigating, although there are still some people left who would consider it a matter of honor,
    I don't know whether Maryland has a vexatious litigant statute, but if it does, someone with a Maryland law license should assemble a team of law students to put together an appropriate motion and deal with the thousands of pages of opposition papers they are likely to receive. A motion to consolidate all the pending cases before one judge might not be a bad idea either.
    But I still think Mandy's parents need a team of CPAs, asset protection lawyers, and other professionals to analyze their financial situation and prepare the special needs trusts, spendthrift trusts, and other legal instruments necessary to make certain that he can never collect a dime from them no matter what. This may be their best hope of regaining the freedom to live their lives the way they want, rather than dancing to this guy's tune.

  30. Dan Weber says

    Just to encourage people to donate:

    A great number of smaller donors can be a bigger help than a fewer number of donors giving the same amount, because the person feels the support of more of the community that way.