A Hotlinking of Juggalos

Scott Greenfield asked me to write a post for the great new group criminal justice blog Fault Lines, so I did, here.

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  1. Aaron says

    *gasp* You did a guest post and didn't mention the real danger if organized pony gangs roaming our streets? How could you!

    Interesting, glad to have read about it. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean as a group they have bad behavior. OK, well, maybe they start a few too many fights and mosh pits at concerts, but that's at concerts! Didn't the government also once say Rock was the devil and was subversive? I'll bet a lit of those FBI folks listen to it.

  2. Mikee says

    I've never much cared for ICP, and their fans are rarely people I enjoy talking to, let alone calling acquaintances or even friends. And then once ICP announced they were super-Christian and only created violent music to convert people to their faith I really stopped caring about what any of them had to say. But I did think it was pretty stupid that the government tried to list them as a violent gang. Drunk thugs celebrating sports team wins cause far more damage each year than ICP and their fans have ever caused over their whole existence. I'll believe that ICP fans are a dangerous gang needing to be tracked as soon as each World Series and Super Bowl win is followed by hundreds of arrests of loosely organized gangmembers.

  3. Kat Fud says

    ICP is as much a gang as Raiders' fans are. They both indulge in excessive alcohol and occasional violence, but does wearing a Raiders' jacket make one a gang member simply because some gang members have chosen to advertise themselves using Raiders symbols?

  4. Cromwell Descendant says

    does wearing a Raiders' jacket make one a gang member

    I'm not sure, I'd have to see your picture first.

  5. rpenner says

    As a physics commentator who has encounter that meme before, thank you for an excellent guest post title for a Sixth Circuit remand of a dismissal of an Insane Clown Posse fans group claim to standing.

  6. says

    As always, "People we don't like have the same rights as people we do" is a common refrain on Popehat. It's a pity that that argument even needs to be made; it should be self-evident.

    Kudos to the Sixth Circuit for its determination on standing, and I wish the Plaintiff-Juggalos the best of luck. You don't have to like Insane Clown Posse to understand that people don't deserve to be harassed by police just because they do.

  7. Gramps says

    Let's watch what we say about Raider fans, HUH!!

    But, yeah, the grouping of all based on the acts of the few is a bad way to go. And Ken's rendition of the case and the decision is a joy to read.