Popehat 2015 Year In Review

As the year ends, here's a small collection of the 2015 posts that got the most traffic, notice, abuse, or idiosyncratic fondness from me:

Reason commenters still haven't forgiven me: Our series on the Department of Justice's abuse of a grand jury subpoena to uncover commenters engaged in political hyperbole drew a lot of attention, as did the follow-ups.

Millennials are all our fault. They learned it by watching us.

Stubby golf pencils are hilarious in the right circumstances. Also, you can feel better.

How can I make my old-man cantankerousness about free speech idiocy more hip and "with it"? I know, a listicle! In which I attempt taxonomy of media blather about free speech issues.

Trollin' ain't easy. When a target of your satirical column shows up to emphasize that it's a satirical column, that counts as a win.

There are not enough fucks around here. How can we generate more fucks? I know! Let's invite Marc Randazza to join us! Here he is on the "Man in the High Castle" advertisements, the first of many First Amendment posts.

Also, how can I get us sued? That would be awesome. Adam Steinbaugh joins the 'hat and continues his tradition of savaging censors.

Entirely unsporting: Censors put down by Patrick stay down for good.

Old Faithful: Prenda Law will always be there for us.

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  1. Jim Tyre says

    The Prenda Law oral argument in the 9th Circuit was on May 4, 2015. Over/under on whether it will be decided within a year of that date?

  2. TimeWastingLurker says

    I am so glad to have discovered this… place. The value I get from it is… huge. My heartfelt thanks to… the proprietor(s).

    Sorry for the sappy.

    Have a happy and prosperous New Year with hopes that you have enough time in your day to continue to share your… enlightenment with us.

  3. Leo Marvin says


    Don't assume the preference for a Clark-free feed reflects the views of "the proggy commenters" generally, certainly not of this proggy commenter in particular. Some of us believe the more viewpoint diversity the better, whether that means the opinions of Clark or of Eric Posner. Turning one more comment section into an echo chamber benefits no one, not even the purists who engineer the purges.

  4. Taliesyn says

    The proggy commenters finally got that Clark-free RSS feed they'd been clamoring for.

    Huh? What happened? Did he get his panties in a bunch because so many people got pissed by his "MuslimsIMeanSpaceNazis are a threat to all humanity" post? That's the last of his I saw, and I stopped following it after the first hundred or so comments.

    That's not like him – he generally just mocks and/or acts insufferably smug toward anyone suggesting he start acting like a decent human being.

  5. Jordan D. says

    Fast away the old year passes!

    (Fa la la la la, la la la la)

    Time for new censorious asses!

    (Fa la la la la, la la la la)

  6. Shay Simmons says

    I can't believe I missed the May Prenda post the first time around. Cracking good read, that.

    (I wish someone would write Judge Peterson's bio. The guy sounds fuckin' A — as they say in my former line of work).

  7. naturalized says


    I echo Leo Marvin. Though I found Space Nazis contemptible, I personally was sorry to see Clark go (though, of course, it's Ken's blog and he can do whatever). He has written things many times before which I found very thoughtful (e.g., the one about cultural memes and the English Revolution). And even if he hadn't, I'd say a fundamental bedrock of progressive ideology is that intellectual diversity is innately valuable in itself – though, from the recent antics of the campus left, I can understand why you might assume otherwise.

    As a matter of fact I don't think he's even particularly hateful. He strikes me merely as the kind of guy who has never owned a passport and/or ever interacted with an actual Muslim person in a non-servile capacity (having food delivered, etc.)

  8. Michaela says

    his moving from active status to senior status (but not retiring) at the ripe young age of 93.

    From the article about the Judge Pregerson:
    The 9th Circuit judge also has been a force for the homeless, overturning a Los Angeles ordinance that banned them from living in vehicles. He rejected any suggestion that his work with the homeless might have biased him.

    "You know, maybe I look at the human side," he said. "These are very sharing, very kind and very peaceful people who go out of their way to take care of each other. Some have problems with alcohol and drugs, you know, probably brought about to deaden their misery."

    He sounds like a caring man.

  9. Astro Jetson says

    Oh, Prenda, how we love thee. Our buddy Paul is in the midst of a bankruptcy and the court isn't buying any more of his BS. They are forcing the sale of assets and keeping track of the money movements.

    From a great article at techdirt:

    Nevertheless, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Kathleen H. Sanberg was not swayed, converting the proceedings from Chapter 13 to Chapter 7, and requiring a liquidation of assets to pay, while any money left from the sale of the condo goes towards the debt fund. However, the court is not yet finished with Hansmeier. Numerous lawyers (representing creditors) highlighted a number of suspicious money transfers, possibly to hide assets, as other judges have already discovered. At issue was his constant dishonesty with courts, in this proceeding and others, which the judge sided with. While further actions are coming, Hansmeier has to now be very careful, as bankruptcy fraud is an imprisonable offense, and investigated by the FBI who are presumably already well aware of Mr. Hansmeier courtesy of Judge Wright.

  10. Pete says

    @ Leo Marvin,

    Turning one more comment section into an echo chamber benefits no one

    I can think of one echo chamber where the squatters enjoy the benefits immensely. It's a "free minds" sort of place, where "proggie" dissenters are hounded and dogpiled with all the ferocity of a Feminist Studies hit squad. That irony is lost on the lifers occupying this particular "safe space," however.

  11. ivraatiems says

    Did Clark go? I saw that he was removed from the list on the side, but was there ever an official statement about it? I feel like everybody knows what happened and I'm just sorta sitting here…

  12. Dan Weber says

    Really? Dang.

    I couldn't even get into the post, whether for good or for ill, because I saw that the comment section had turned into a sewer. With various parties claiming it was the *other* party's fault it was a sewer, like someone was forcing them to shitpost.

  13. Sad Panda says

    @ivraatiems: This is the first I've heard of Clark's disappearance as well. Must be a proggie conspiracy; jet fuel couldn't melt his steel beams! Some people might think it could be a case of "life happens", but we know the Truth.

    Hope he's okay, and Happy New Year everyone!

  14. Sad Panda says

    @Dan Weber:

    I couldn't even get into the post, whether for good or for ill, because I saw that the comment section had turned into a sewer.

    I don't follow. You couldn't read Ken's Year in Review post because you read the comments first and they upset you? Or are you referring to a different post? I'm not seeing the sewer here.

    (Sad Panda starts sniffing self, self-consciously)

  15. Bloviator says

    Clark gone? He's never gone, he's always here.
    *Points at body part*

    Maybe over there.
    *Points at different body part*

    I'm sure he's somewhere.
    *Waves open hand over general area*

  16. ivraatiems says


    Just kidding. Would appreciate some kind of confirmation from one of the other authors, or Clark himself, that he is/isn't remaining here. No need for details, I know things can get personal, but would appreciate at least that.

  17. Ngarjuna says

    I don't recall what led me to Popehat some years ago, it's not typical of my reading habits; but I'm so glad I found it. Another fine year indeed

  18. Shay Simmons says

    Jim et al…I meant THAT Judge but was typing on a tablet that autocorrects the hell out of everything.

  19. Sad Panda says

    @Dan Weber: Ah, of course. I bailed out of that thread as the heat started to build. Currently at 493 comments, I see that was a good decision.


  20. Pete says

    @ Agent Orange,

    So much arguing, even with people I normally agree with. It seems like the slightest differences sometimes turn into the biggest hate-fests. But absolutely the thing I love most about this site is when the whole damn board teams up on some statist newcomer, who has no idea what he's getting himself into and blows him right out of the house.

    Free minds!