Successful People Are 100% Convinced That They Are Masters Of Their Own Destiny

A light-hearted reminder from our friends in Hollywood that when you talk to the police, you lose control of your destiny.

Even if your IQ is five standard deviations above the mean.


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  1. En Passant says

    … when you talk to the police, you lose control of your destiny.

    That's far too optimistic. Once the police decide to talk to you, or even notice that you exist, you have already lost control of your destiny.

  2. BlueDanube says

    Funny, I have an FBI agent on tape telling me they didn't even read evidence I sent them in a matter because, pshaw, I sent them too much and "No one could read all that."
    So, the person I was reporting gets away with hurting people, unless they are now doing something I don't know about.

    Law enforcement is handed out like favors just like everything else were are supposed to be entitled to as citizens.

  3. DES says

    Not sure if you made it up or are quoting the video (which is blocked), but an IQ "five standard deviations above the mean" is meaningless. Most scales stop at two (130), a couple go up to four (160) with anything above two or three rated as "very superior", "extreme" or something to that effect. The error margin between different tests or even consecutive applications of the same test is so high that anybody claiming an IQ above 145 or so (99.7th percentile) is just bragging and / or bullshitting you.