Overturn Child Labor Laws!

I have a post up today at Fault Lines about how we need more nine-year-old journalists. LOCHNER REPRESENT

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  1. says

    Yes, yes, yes!!!

    (I had read about Ms Lysiak a few days ago, and meant to write about this, but–like always–you are so much more eloquent–thank you)

  2. AH says

    I saw this story, too. This nine-year-old is far more the adult and professional than the reporters for the major papers and networks. The biggest reason to oppose what she does, is she puts her peers, in excess of four times her age, to shame.

  3. Timothy A Wiseman says

    This was an excellent story not just about a rather brave little girl, but about the importance of journalism in a free society and how it ought to be practiced.

  4. Alareth says

    I'm one of those "evil" parents that use the "Go outside and I don't want to see you for at least several hours" school of parenting.

    People are robbing children of their childhoods with the unjustified paranoia these days.