Get The Popehat T-Shirt

Do you want to virtue signal that you believe in liberty, are prone to making abrupt taint-related invitations, and may possibly erupt into an angry rant about some obscure point of law at any moment? Now you don't have to say a word! The first Popehat t-shirt is available at Cotton Bureau — one design for now, men and women, all sizes, three colors.

This is a test run. If there's interest, we'll be offering more designs. Requests and suggestions for designs are welcome (you can always email me at ken at popehat dot com).

We're not getting any money off of this initial run. I don't plan on using T-shirts as a revenue generator — right now our single ad and Amazon Associates (remember to order from Amazon using the link to your right!) generate enough revenue to cover hosting and such. If we do ever set prices to make a profit, that profit will be going to an announced charity.

Have fun!

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  1. Barry Melton says

    I was going to congratulate you on your cash grab, but… you aren't making money on it? Really? That's just silly. Jack the price up by $2. None of the hoi polloi will notice the difference between $23 and $25, and that nets you ~$2 a shirt. If you need to justify it to yourselves, put the largesse in some kind of popehat-signal fund, for ensuring that those in need find appropriate counsel.

  2. Sloan says

    Welp, I just bought one, but that was before I saw you weren't getting a profit from this.

    Damnit! Can't you guys be more corrupt or something? it's … annoying.

  3. Gorshkov says

    If you need to justify it to yourselves, put the largesse in some kind of popehat-signal fund, for ensuring that those in need find appropriate counsel.

    That, I think, is an absolutely brilliant idea.

  4. Brett says

    Something to indicate the mitre isn't declaring my non-existent catholicism? Maybe the Popehat signal or the url below it in small letters.

    This will be misinterpreted by a lot of folks ;)

  5. Fthagn says

    Ken, while I whole-heartedly support you in your decision to not take a profit from this, I would say that you shouldn't feel bashful about using some money from these for the site.

    You have a lot of readers who really enjoy the writing here at Popehat. We also live in an age where individual investment in creative ventures (via venues such as Indiegogo, GoFundMe, Patreon, etc) has become normalized. I don't think any of us would hold it against you if you said "hey, here's some swag, if you buy it I'll put the money towards x purpose".

  6. The Bob That Never Stops says

    I'm in. I also concur on statements regarding a Popehat Signal fund. Cheers

  7. Ryan Murphy says

    "It's never RICO" in the style of the "It's never lupus" t-shirts already online.

    Something about crying fire in a crowded theater.

    Catchphrases are what sells with this type of thing, right?

  8. Jim Tyre says

    I'm having trouble deciding. It would help to see a picture of you modeling the shirt.

  9. Earle says

    I'm sure a local T-shirt shop could add a caption like "Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the ponies of war".

  10. Lagaya1 says

    I have to agree with Brett about the symbolism. I'd
    like to see a Via Angus shirt with a pithy quote.

  11. ketchup says

    right now our single ad"

    Popehat has singles ads? Is that were I can find my soulmate free-speech law geek girlfriend?
    Where do I sign up?

  12. Prime says

    No Popehat signal set against a stormy gray fabric, with a silhouette of a lurking bald guy underneath?

    I confess myself disappointed, Ken.

  13. Tim LeVier says

    If I had any design skill, I'd start with The Popehat Signal, then break it apart like a glass window, and what's busting through? A pony. But not any pony, but a pony with blood dripping from it's mouth. And what's this pony's name? Rico.

  14. says

    Being a recovering Catholic, I don't feel comfortable wearing a Catholic symbol by itself. However, I would get at least one if it had the URL on it, and I would be very happy if my purchase were to contribute a humble amount to a Popehat signal fund, as suggested in the first comment.

  15. J says

    I'd like to see one with the popehat-signal spotlight shining up into Gotham's night sky.
    Preferably, with a herd of ponies galloping merrily below it.

  16. Me says

    Why don't you get Google Adsense? Have an add on your side bar, footer and header? They are not intrusive.

  17. bst says

    My first impression is that I too would be uncomfortable appearing to announce my Catholicism to a world that does not get the reference. It reminds me of the possibly apocryphal story of the Jimmy Buffet fan who celebrated being a Parrot Head by getting a vanity license plate APRTHD and returned it immediately when people reacted to his advertising Apartheid.

    I think @Earle has the right idea.

  18. Andrew Murphy says

    If you want to jack the price up $2 and use it to pay me to fix the caching issue then I wouldn't complain ;)

  19. Dan says

    Let Andrew Murphy fix the caching issue for you, and I'll buy him a Popehat t-shirt as payment. No cost to you, Ken!!

  20. jtf says

    I'm interested in Popehat gear, but I'm afraid I'm not a fan of this design. Hopefully this proves popular enough (94 purchases as of my comment) that we'll get more variety.

  21. Marta says

    You've got all that lovely space on the t-shirt, and all it has is the Catholic hat picture? Which communicates absolutely nothing to people unfamiliar with Which is so entirely Catholic that its wearer can be assumed to be some sort of Catholic functionary wannabe?

    What a wasted opportunity to have the shirt do some work for you. And its wearer.

    Also, too, non-profit? What, it costs you zero to host and post here at popehat? You couldn't use a few extra clams to amplify the popehat signal?

    Oy gevalt, youse guys is terrible at marketing.

  22. Songstress says

    I believe "Murum aries attigit" is actually Marc Randazza's catchphrase, something about the ram meeting the wall, I think, which relates to Roman history? Or I could've totally screwed that all up. Anyways, since Marc's now a Popehat writer, that makes it fair game.

  23. says

    (I notice Ken doesn't seem thrilled with any of our suggestions, but what the hell)

    How 'bout, "snort my taint… at" below Earle's image, with Keith's text on the back of the t-shit?

  24. says

    If we sold 1000 t-shirts at an additional 2 dollars a pop, that would be 2k towards a hypothetical Popehat Signal fund. I sort of doubt that much money would accomplish very much, for cases where a lawyer isn't assisting pro-bono. And we're not going to sell 1000 t-shirts.

    There are other some flawed assumptions going on in the thread. E.g. that a goal here is to market the site. something we can do far more effectively in other channels anyway.

  25. Jackson Marten says

    I want to express my deep disappointment that the shirt does not have the elegantly simple catchphrase "Pony Up" under the hat.

  26. Chilichef says

    Well, I get that some, (many, most, probably the overwhelming majority of people on this earth) won't get the reference without some explanation; they'll just see a mitre and assume it's some sort of catholic reference. But that's cool. That's the whole basis of Hipsterism; the ignoscenti not getting inside jokes. Someone asks you about the T shirt, just smile mysteriously and say " Beware of Ponies".

  27. LTB says

    I'd buy the shirt if there was small text below the hat saying "" or the like. It's too indistinguishable at the present for people who wouldn't get the reference. Hope the V2 makes a simple addition like that!

  28. says

    Hey– the Popehat logo signals a universally recognized, iconic brand! (That it's universally recognized as belonging to a prior, unrelated institution dealing in literal icons is beside the point….)

  29. briny says

    I think I prefer it without any further adornment as it'll garner more inquiries about the shirt. A bit of mystery often helps the obscure to become mainstream. Just my $02.

  30. Mark says

    Imagine: Popehat's "Pony" brand Butt-hurt ointment – when you can't handle the taint.

    The logo would be *beautiful*. ::sniffle::

  31. isotopeblue says

    Another vote for a motto. Ponies, RICO, taint, anything… As is, bizarre misinterpretations would be rampant given that I leave less than a mile from Notre Dame University.

  32. Mikee says

    I think the lack of anything else but the Popehat is going to be a great conversation starter. Adding ponies, RICO, and/or taint would only give people pause to think it's just another weird shirt with inside jokes they won't understand which would reduce the likelihood of they're asking about it.

  33. onehsancare says

    Only two more days to buy the shirt–I didn't realize it was a limited-time offer.