Bad News From Donald Trump

As we're sure Popehat readers know, Donald Trump has announced that he's now open to allowing illegal immigrants to stay in the United States. There will be no mass deportations. This is what's commonly described as "Amnesty" for illegal aliens.

We contacted a leading fuhrer of the Alt-Right political establishment for his reaction to Trump's betrayal:

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  1. eric76 says

    I'm thinking of naming the crack in my windshield. Since I can never tell which direction it will be headed on any particular day, I'm thinking of naming it "Trump".

    By the way, there was a trial last week in Florida regarding Trump's acquisition of the Jupiter Golf Course from Ritz Carlton and his failure to properly deal with the refundable deposits of those members wishing to resign. It would be interesting to see some explanation of what some of it is about.

    For example, the judge had previously ruled that there is no breach of contract on the discontinuing membership categories. Since his memberships don't involve refundable deposits, then it would seem that he has discontinued the membership categories and should therefore have to provide refunds within 30 days.

    And if they are no longer selling memberships involving refundable deposits, then how do those members wishing to resign and waiting for their refundable deposits ever going to receive those refunds as those refunds are based on new members joining and making refundable deposits.

    Lots of interesting questions there.

  2. guesting says


    A suggestion, add black borders to the white letters. Makes it legible on most (if not all) kinds of background.

  3. Paradigm Spider says

    I always have time for a good Downfall edit.

    I have to admit I cracked up at the bits about foreign-made Trumpabilia.

  4. says

    People say the Downfall meme is dead (or should die), but I never tire of watching Hitler rant about anything from BlizzCon tickets to the merits of Conan O'Brein to the overuse of the Downfall meme and the trivial nonsense people have used it for. Carry on.

    (Also, agree on the whole white letters with black borders for the sake of legibility.)

  5. curri says

    Enjoy WW3 with Hillary. She's repeatedly told us she's going to ramp up the pressure on Syria and its ally, Russia. This despite the fact that US troops are already illegally occupying parts of Syria and Washington has threatened to shoot down Russian and Syrian planes.

  6. Lawrence D'Anna says

    Come on, can anyone actually be surprised by this? In the primaries his strategy was to win a n-way race by capturing all the attention by being constantly outrageous. Now he's trying to win a 2-way race by pivoting towards being less crazy, and trying to be slightly less unlikable than Hillary. If you think there's anything about Trump that isn't a carefully constructed act, you haven't been paying attention.

  7. Pickwick says

    Lawrence D'Anna,

    I don't see a difference between Trump now and Trump during the primary. Do you, really? Manafort, expert refurbisher of sleazy autocrats, spent the whole summer trying to get Trump to stop being "constantly outrageous." He failed, except for brief blips of calmer, less-nutty Trump that came through from time to time, every one of which was greeted by breathless media obsession with the polydactyl albino unicorn of a "Trump pivot." And Trump hated that minimal level of self-restraint, according to the many and ongoing accounts of intra-campaign strife. He felt reined in, so Manafort was out and "Let Trump Be Trump," back in.

    Just the way I see it. I don't think Trump has the emotional wherewithal to carefully construct an act.

  8. Tosca says

    @ Curri: Trump has expressed the opinion that "Isis" should be "bombed". It's a multi-national terrorist organisation, so this would necessitate bombing disparate areas of multiple countries. He is also reported as having expressed considerable impatience with the idea of NOT using nuclear weapons. Combined, this sounds like a recipe for WWIII.

    Hillary Clinton held a senior position in an administration that did not start WWIII. What part of her platform makes you think things have changed?

  9. says

    I would be happy to pay 5 or 10 cents to the film producers for every time for every time I have enjoyed that "Downfall" snippet in various guises. But I would not be willing to pay that plus $5 to various lawyers and other middlemen for each viewing..

  10. King Squirrel says

    Just opened Youtube and found this video in "recently uploaded" and recommended. Right next to it was *another*, more recent, Downfall clip on the same subject from Rino Pundit.

    This makes me happy.

    (Also liked Rino's bit about Scavino a lot, but thought Patrick's was better overall)

  11. Cactus says

    A part of politics I've always enjoyed is how more extreme politics usually ends up achieving the exact reverse of the intent:

    Like how building the border wall to keep out illegals usually ends up bringing in illegals to build the damn thing (, or how that stupid muslim ban idea, or the "bomb their families and take their oil" bit is the kind of reaction bin laden fantasized about, which just about everyone would see as increasing the amount of terrorism suffered in retaliation.

    Or how he's so "anti-pc pro-free-speech" that he wants to shut down press who say "untrue" things about him, explodes at the slightest hint of criticism and has otherwise insulted just about every group in the country and done more to confirm the concept of political correctness in most people's minds than a thousand english lit professors ever have.

    Or how yet again it's the politician "who tells it like it is" who flip flops as loudly and frequently as possible.

    Let alone everything else, the fact Hillary isn't trouncing him is enough of an argument as to why we just shouldn't have a president for the time being.

  12. Erik says

    My opinion for about a year now is that nobody really knows what Trump thinks, and this probably includes Trump himself. In any case, his followers are just like the followers of every other candidate: the candidate can espouse multiple positions on a variety of subjects, and the followers will pick the position(s) they like best and believe that those are the "true" ones because rainbows and unicorns. It's like they fantasize about having this secret pinky-swear agreement with their Dear Leader. It's actually quite creepy and weird to watch otherwise intelligent people (doctors, lawyers, CxOs, etc.) doing this.

  13. Southern Radical says


    "anti-pc pro-free-speech"

    Too often when people voice their opposition to PC, it's less to the Correctness and more about the politics.

  14. jfb says

    First of all, it's still August. The vast majority of people with lives aren't even paying attention to the election yet, because it's only AUGUST.

    Secondly, it's clear that every day is a brand new day for Trump. Anyone looking for a consistent message beyond "vote for me because I'm the best, really, you'd be astounded at how good I am, believe me" is wasting their time.

  15. Brian Z says


    Trump has expressed the opinion that "Isis" should be "bombed". It's a multi-national terrorist organisation, so this would necessitate bombing disparate areas of multiple countries.

    President Obama (who happens to hold very different political views) also shares this belief. He believes it so much, he's been actually doing it for quite some time. Multiple countries.

    There's a war on. Please tell me you know this.

  16. Pettifogger says

    I never expected Trump even order, much less accomplish, mass deportations–or most of the other stuff he's talked about. But he's irretrievably toast if lets his pissed off supporters know before election day that he intends to sell them down the river just as all prior politicians have. That turns a long shot into something measured in light centuries.

  17. Kevin Kirkpatrick says

    I like that analogy. Trump is like a crack in your windshield. It's hard to say which direction it'll go next, but there's no doubt that, eventually, your windshield is going to be fucked.

  18. Trent says


    You're foolish to engage them. You can't see what this is because your an adult. But look at what has happened. Every time someone criticizes Trump he turns around and basically calls them the same thing. Hillary has been running advertisements saying Trump isn't fit to be president so he says the same thing. She runs and ad saying Trump will start a war using his own words so he says the same thing about her.


    I know you are but what am I.

    It's the behavior of a 5 year old and you are blind to it because you don't expect rational adults to do it but Trump draws this out of other people. It's an intriguing psychological occurrence and fascinating that Trump can elicit this behavior from otherwise rational adults. They are going to be writing dissertations on this for 20 years in the psychological community.

  19. David Lee says

    Hillary believes in diplomacy and only using military force as the last resort, so that means she's itching to start WWIII meanwhile Trump wants to hand out nuclear weapons to everyone, bail on allies, and throw away the NATO alliance if someone isn't paying what he thinks is fair. It sounds like BOTH sides are equally bad, right everyone?

  20. JR in WV says

    Hillary Clinton, in both speeches and advertisements, uses actual Trump quotes, sometimes actual footage of Trump saying these things. Then Trump accuses Clinton of lying about him, using his own words.

    So far this seems to me to be an excellent strategy, although I have read a piece from a linguist who tells us that even mentioning Trump's "policies" somehow reinforces their validity, even to Trump opponents. If this is true, I fail to see how Democracy could ever work, even briefly.

    Freedom in the US requires that Clinton becomes president AND that the Democratic party takes control of at least the Senate. If Trump loses by 12% or so, it is possible that all those gerrymandered House seats will fall away from the Republicans, as most of them were calculated to tend Republican by 5% or so. That might save our Republic. Depending upon the professionalism of the Secret Service as they oppose the 2nd Amendment troops attacking our way of life with firearms.

  21. says

    Let me guess- there are actually people who thought that a sociopath, running for president, wouldn't promise ANYTHING to get elected?
    This is how elections work, friends. We must vote HARDER.