Well, here we go.  It's finally time.  After a long, painful wait, it's finally here.  There's been a lot of misfires, and one really really big disappointment.  And many times it felt like we were just rehashing the old stuff again and again.  But at long last…


The Battlefield series are one of my all time favorites. I'm getting older, and I'm watching my skills steadily degrade as I play less and less. I'm happy with a .75 k/d ratio in Destiny Crucible (higher in Iron Banner, of course). But you know what? Give me a medkit or a tank, and I can still wreck shit. And this has been the first in the series that's felt as good as Battlefield 2. Bad Company (ideally 2) was really fun.  Battlefield 3 was alright.  Battlefield 4 was disappointing at first and now it's alright. But they felt like they were chasing Call of Duty, trying to get that heat.  And this just feels like Battlefieldfinally. And the maps… oh man. Every map feels incredibly tense and exciting. The old-timey weapons sometimes makes the shooting feel odd, but I found it a pretty easy adjustment after a few games. And it's always a JOY to collapse a building containing that gang of snipers that have been giving you shit the whole game.

The best praise I can give it: Don't bother playing multiplayer unless you have a group of people to do it with.

Anyway, Election Day. Vote for who you want; vote against those bullshit local things. Here is a guide.


Balvenie (17 Year): I got a bottle of this 5 years ago and it's become my "special event" drink. So I'll be drinking straight from the bottle tonight, like a fucking adult.  Wonderfully smooth, with a great finish. It's weird that they aged this in Rum Barrels, but it works. And the best part: If you drink enough of this, fast enough, you'll get hammered.

Hibiki 17 year: Another great balanced whisky, with a great honey-ish nose. Kinda… fruity? I'm really starting to get into Japanese whisky, and this thus far is one of the best (I have a bottle of the Hibki 21 Year and THAT is the best whisky I've ever tried).  I just love coming home from a cold shitty late fall day, taking off my pants, and just sipping a glass of this.  My favorite feature though, is that if you drink enough of it fast enough, you'll get hammered. 


Angel's Envy:  It feels weird to have this as the Bourbon on this list. I feel like I should be putting better ones on here. You can get this at Total Wine and More for a reasonable price. I tried some of this as a party and I was hooked. "Drinkable" is not a term I would want to apply to any of the grown-up liquors, but this has it and it's great. Sometimes you don't want something that just blows your pants off with that strong burn. Sometimes you just want something solid. Something, that if you drink enough of it fast enough, will get you hammered.


Ardbeg (10 Year): A recommendation from my Irish Friend (which feels like a betrayal). First time I drank this, it tasted like a tire fire. After the fifth glass, it tasted pretty great. The reviews for this whisky are hilarious; they always mention Peat and other items. Make no mistake, this is Peaty as Fuck. It took me quite a few glasses to acquire the taste and notice the other notes that come with this great bottle. Wonderfully smoky. Give a glass to that loudmouth who thinks he knows whiskies, just to shut him up. Once the taste is acquired, you'll find that if you drink enough of it fast enough, you'll get hammered.


Hendrick's Gin: BORING. Everyone knows about this now, but it remains to be said: This is the best gin to drink straight. Hand down. Shut up. This has been the constant in my cabinet. Drink enough of it, fast enough, and you'll get hammered.

Drink Responsibly. Fuck this Election.

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  1. Agammamon says

    Later on today I'll be drinking Arak to get the taste of the election out of my mouth.

    It similar to Ouzo and a few other clear, anise-flavored liquors and tastes *exactly* like black jellybeans (my favorite). Its not for everyone (my experience is you either love this flavor or you find it absolutely horrible, no middle ground) but if you drink enough of it, fast enough, you'll get hammered.

  2. Sloan says

    If you like the Ardbeg, but find the amount of peat/smoke/oh god to be a bit too much, I recommend the Laphroaig quarter-cask. (I love the stuff, but I agree it can be a bit much for folks)

    Personally, having voted early, I will be drinking whatever I can get. By the truckload if possible.

  3. Ronald Pottol says

    I disagree, if you drink stuff like that in any way like a responsible adult, you won't get hammered, and if you do drink enough, you'll really regret it in the morning (I already regret the election). I'd go for a decent vodka (or, hell, a great one, say, one of St. George's), and some sort of mixer.

    And if you don't like cucumber, stay away from Hendrick's. St. George's makes some fine gin, say, the Terrior or the Botanivor.

  4. Ronald Pottol says

    Oh, and great taste in booze, I have the most recent of a series of bottles of the Angels Envy on the shelf.

  5. robbbbbb says

    If there's one group that's benefitted from this election, it's America's breweries and distilleries.

  6. Semper Why says

    In Scotch, I prefer the smoke but not so much peat. I'm working on an Isle of Jura Superstition right now that is most agreeable. If you really like peaty flavors, Talisker tastes like the Tears of Unfathomable Sadness poured over peat moss.

    And if you drink enough of it, fast enough, you'll get hammered.

  7. Argentina Orange says

    Ardbeg 10 is excellent, but if you can find a bottle of the Ardbeg Perpetuum, buy it. It is utterly fantastic.

    Much easier to find and afford is Talisker 10 year. Not remotely the same beast, but also (differently) delicious.

  8. Damon says

    I prefer Balvenie Double Wood about the same age. But this does look nice. Sadly, I only have some Jefferson Bourbon at home, unless I make a martini.

    You want to get hammered? Drink Absinthe. :)

    Enjoy your drink. Sadly, I think I'll be too tired to drink a adult beverage tonight and will just go to bed……..

  9. Troutwaxer says

    I'm voting for the lesser of two egos! (Ba-dum-bump!) Then I'm going home and pounding my head against the wall until I erase all the brain cells which remember this election!

  10. ChrisH says

    Strongly tempted to drink self to death and I'm not even USAian.

    Really not a whiskey/whisky fan but did have a bourbon January in memory of Lemmy. Yes, I know that doesn't count.

    Give me a nice G&T though.

  11. Hoare says

    The cool thing about WA State?
    Even though they try and shove the wine and craft beer down your throat you can still fire up a legal fatty!
    Leave no left turn unstoned.
    That is all.

  12. Bob says

    I'll be resorting to my usual Rebel Yell Bourbon to take off whatever election edges need taking off as the returns wear on. Should a celebration be called for, bottle of Gruet bubbly sitting in the fridge.

  13. Aaron says

    Hey, not all of us are able to afford a ~$300+ bottle of (I'm sure) amazing Japanese whiskey :P But damn I want some now! Thanks, you've ruined my night. I'll just go ahead and have some Four Roses single barrel and cry in my corner :P

  14. says

    I swear it was cheaper when I grabbed it at the Duty Free shop. In any case the Hibiki Harmony is also very good and quite affordable.

  15. Rob says

    The joy of Scotch is that there are so many and varied ways to get hammered, if that's your aim. Who knows, if I had to vote in your election I might want to as well. Our local whisky specialist stocks well over 1000 different expressions, plus a modest collection of irish, japanese and local whisk(e)ys, bourbans, a few gins cognac and rums. It's a sacrifice, but someone has to try them all (eventually).

  16. Richard Smart says

    Shucks. Some of us here don't drink, we can't afford the loss of brain cells. Actually that's true of everyone, although some don't know it. But hey, it's a ternary world: those who don't know it, those who do, and those who DON'T CARE.

  17. says

    My brother owns a brewery and is having a big election party. I've been joking that the level of inebriation at the party will depend upon the election results. I imagine that probably applies to the whole country.

    I will personally be enjoying the fruits of democracy with some Obama Kush here in Oregon.

  18. Aaron says

    At least, that's what Wine Searcher says is available within 20 miles of me. And probably was cheaper at a Duty Free shop. I'll keep the brand in mind. And Hibiki Harmony is a lot more affordable, $70/bottle which I'd definitely say is reasonable for something very nice to enjoy without totally breaking the bank.

  19. Al the Great and Powerful says

    I'll be drinking Deschutes Black Butte Porter. I voted 2 weeks ago, so fuck it tonight, I'll check how it went tomorrow, when I'm STILL hammered.

  20. Argentina Orange says

    Talisker is so delicious.

    also: Reason magazine's youtube video of the election yule log is strangely comforting.

  21. Zem says

    Go for a drop of Lagavulin.

    And take a bow Joseph de Maistre. Getting it right for almost 200 years.

  22. Morrowind542 says

    I wish I drank like the rest of you folks. Instead, I think I'll go bang my head into a nice, stiff, non-load bearing wall until I feel like I did drink enough, fast enough, to get hammered

  23. echo says

    I just got drunk off life. Went out to lift, came back in to hear which new state we'd won, repeated until the evening was great.
    Made a special victory dinner though. Very nice roast lamb.


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