Popehat is a group blog originally established in April 2004. It has undergone many changes in form and appearance, and its members have come and gone.

What is Popehat about? It's about whatever its authors want. Often its authors want to talk about free speech, liberty, criminal justice, the legal system and its foibles, and related issues. But Popehat isn't a law blog, and what you read here isn't legal advice. Our authors met on a now-defunct gaming website called Gone Gold; we also like to talk about games and what you might call geek culture. We talk about art, movies, books, and anything else that moves us.

The name "Popehat" arises from an inside joke, and isn't a religious reference of any sort.

Popehat's authors write in their capacity as private citizens. Most of us are employed, but the site has nothing to do with our jobs, and isn't endorsed or approved by our employers.

Contact Us

You can contact Popehat authors at [author]@popehat.com.

Commenting Policy

Comments are moderated. That means the first time you comment, or if you include more than one link, one of us must approve the comment. That may take time. We also use a robust comment-spam filter. If you reasonably think that your comment was caught in it (say, if your comment hasn't appeared for a couple of days), feel free to drop us a line.

This is our living room, not your living room. You comment as a guest, so please act like a guest we'd like to invite over again. If you think we're jerks, do a better job at that than we do. There's an invisible line that moves with our mood. Try not to cross it. If you go out of your way to cause trouble, we may not do anything. We may be amused. Or we may arrange it that you can never read this site, much less comment here.

This is a group blog. Different authors have different perspectives. But when it comes to YOU, we have one perspective. We're like your mom and dad. If you're an orphan, we're like the Communist Party. We adhere to the Party line. Complaining to dad about mom's high-handed, arbitrary decision on your comment will only get you sent to the bushes, to cut a switch.

Blogrolling Policy

We'd be happy to link to your blog, if you link to ours and meet our exacting standards (non-splog, non-porn, more than twenty posts, updated more than once every thirty days).

If you wish to join that company, bear in mind that we feel free to speak our minds about anything. If you're looking for a link to your daughter's "Bratz"-collecting blog, do you really want to receive traffic from the people who come here to read about law, theism, Hegelian idealism, crime, or cannibal zombies and the destruction they wreak, destruction that can only be ended by killing the brain so the body will die? And we're mild-mannered men compared to some of our readers, who cuss like sailors.