Our Blogrolling Policy

We maintain a generous, and liberal, blogrolling policy even though most of us are neither generous nor liberal.  We're  anarchists, monarchists, or social democrats.

That said, we enjoy the flattery that comes when other people link to us.  If you have a blog, we assume that you're in it for the narcissism as well.  We're happy to act as your mirror, so long as you allow us the same privilege, and you have a site which meets our exacting standards (non-splog, non-porn, more than twenty posts, updated more than once every thirty days) that you think might be of interest to someone reading this blog.

Our blogroll contains two arbitrary categories: bloggers, and adoption blogs. "Bloggers" is self-explanatory.  Ken, who is interested in the subject of international adoption and writes about it occasionally, maintains the "Adoption blogs" category.  A former category, "Friends," consisted of fellow travelers, hobbyists, and people we know, actually or in the internet sense, who may or may not have been bloggers.  That category was folded up and removed, because it implied two things which may have been untrue: that we weren't "friends" in the internet sense with others on our blogroll (sometimes we are), or that our "friends" were more "little buddies," whose sites we linked out of a sense of obligation.  Nothing could have been further from the truth.  Each site on our blogroll stands, lives, or dies on its own merits.

If you wish to join that company, bear in mind that we feel free to speak our minds about anything.  If you're looking for a link to your daughter's "Bratz"-collecting blog, do you really want to receive traffic from the people who come here to read about law, theism, Hegelian idealism, crime, or cannibal zombies and the destruction they wreak, destruction that can only be ended by killing the brain so the body will die? And we're mild-mannered men compared to some of our readers, who cuss like sailors.

If so, send an email to ken at popehat dot com, and we'll be happy to add you in return for a reciprocal blogroll link.