Reverence For The Blue

Wednesday was Big Government night at the Republican National Convention, with speaker after speaker extolling the virtues of public employees. Scott Walker said that government lawyers should not just be respected -- they should be revered. Newt Gingrich called for zero tolerance for people who call for the death of IRS employees. Vice-Presidential nominee Mike Pence asked delegates to let EPA regulators and VA administrators know that we will always stand with them. Well, no. That would … [Read More...]

Schadenfreude Is Not A First Amendment Value

I've got an op-ed up in the LA Times.

The Ninth Circuit Offers Prenda Law A Brusque Bench-Slap

The notorious gang of crooked fraudsters and copyright trolls Prenda law — documented extensively here — continues to face bad fortune. Last month we learned that the FBI is investigating them. Now, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has affirmed the apocalyptic sanctions order that marked their turning point — Judge […]

Hello! You've Been Referred Here Because You're Wrong About The First Amendment.

Welcome! Someone has referred you to this post because you've said something quite wrong about the First Amendment. I apologize for this impersonal approach to your mistake. I would prefer to offer you an artisanal response to your wrongness, something that would respect and celebrate the unique ways that you've taken one of the most […]

The Brock Allen Turner Rape Case And The Nature of Empathy

I've got a post up over at Fault Lines about the Brock Allen Turner case.

Lawsplainer: When Must Federal Judges Recuse Themselves, Anyway?

I have a question about Donald Trump. Hell. I am in Hell. This is Hell. Calm down. I just want to ask about his argument about that federal judge hearing the Trump University case. Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the United States District Judge hearing two related cases against Trump and Trump University, which I wrote about […]

Libertarianism as Ten Questions Rather Than Ten Answers

Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party candidate for President, is polling extremely well for someone who isn't a Republican or Democrat. That will likely revive the questions "what is the Libertarian Party," anyway?" and "what is a libertarian, anyway?" It is traditional for those questions to be answered snidely, contemptuously, or with a disturbing degree of uncombed […]

David French For President

I stand with David French. I don't stand with him on social issues, at least not most of the time. I don't stand with him on many geopolitical issues — though I note that he's willing to back up his views by volunteering for military service rather than merely sending other people to risk their […]

Lawsplainer: Is There Anything Unusual About Judge Curiel's Orders In The Trump University Case?

Where have you been? Busy. Lawyering. Parenting. Playing Stellaris. Thus and such. You have obligations! You have genital warts. Hey! Be nice. So, what's up with this crazy judge? You'll have to be far more specific. You know, the judge who has it in for Donald Trump. Oh. United States District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the […]

FBI Actively Investigating Prenda Law Team For Fraud

The Federal Bureau of Investigation's Minneapolis office is conducting an active investigation of the principals of Prenda Law, the notorious team of crooked copyright trolls that I've spilled so much e-ink over here. Today I spoke with two sources who confirmed receiving a letter from the FBI inquiring about their experiencing with Prenda and seeking […]

Master of Orion diplomacy in action.


Once in a while we return to our roots: Popehat began as a blog about computer gaming and similar disreputable pastimes. Nowadays it takes a hell of a game to make us admit that. So, back in the days of VGA graphics cards and pentium processors, "turn-based strategy games" were a thing. A big thing. […]