Bad News From Donald Trump

As we're sure Popehat readers know, Donald Trump has announced that he's now open to allowing illegal immigrants to stay in the United States. There will be no mass deportations. This is what's commonly described as "Amnesty" for illegal aliens. We contacted a leading fuhrer of the Alt-Right political establishment for his reaction to Trump's betrayal: … [Read More...]

Let's play "fish or garage metal band?"

China, Part One

Blue. That was my first impression of the landscape as our plane made its approach to the improbably gigantic Bejing Capital International Airport, which shortly before the 2008 Olympics turned a bucolic suburb into one of the busiest places in the world. Blue roofs. You don't see a lot of blue roofs in America, but […]

Confessions of An Ex-Prosecutor: Post Up Over At Reason

Today I've got a post up at Reason Magazine reflecting on how three different cultures shape prosecutors.

Get The Popehat T-Shirt

Do you want to virtue signal that you believe in liberty, are prone to making abrupt taint-related invitations, and may possibly erupt into an angry rant about some obscure point of law at any moment? Now you don't have to say a word! The first Popehat t-shirt is available at Cotton Bureau — one design […]

Senator Joe Manchin

Ask Popehat! Joe Manchin Edition

Welcome to Ask Popehat!, the feature where we take your questions on topics ranging from law to ethics to proper child rearing, and give sensible easily digested answers that you can share with friends and family at the dinner table. For this edition, we'd like to welcome Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia. As the […]


In Support Of A Total Ban on Civilians Owning Firearms

I support the argument that the United States should enact a total ban on civilians owning firearms. Oh, I don't support the ban. I support the argument. I support the argument because it's honest and specific. It doesn't hide the ball, it doesn't refuse to define terms, it doesn't tell rely on telling people they […]


Lawsplainer: IT'S NOT RICO, DAMMIT

I have a question. Angels and ministers of grace defend me. Would it be RICO if . . . NnnnoooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO via GIPHY . . . . No. But how do you know? I haven't even described the case yet. It's never RICO! I mean, not literally never. But I can say with a very high […]

Schadenfreude Is Not A First Amendment Value

I've got an op-ed up in the LA Times.

The Ninth Circuit Offers Prenda Law A Brusque Bench-Slap

The notorious gang of crooked fraudsters and copyright trolls Prenda law — documented extensively here — continues to face bad fortune. Last month we learned that the FBI is investigating them. Now, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has affirmed the apocalyptic sanctions order that marked their turning point — Judge […]

Hello! You've Been Referred Here Because You're Wrong About The First Amendment.

Welcome! Someone has referred you to this post because you've said something quite wrong about the First Amendment. I apologize for this impersonal approach to your mistake. I would prefer to offer you an artisanal response to your wrongness, something that would respect and celebrate the unique ways that you've taken one of the most […]

The Brock Allen Turner Rape Case And The Nature of Empathy

I've got a post up over at Fault Lines about the Brock Allen Turner case.