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Why we need "White History Month" Too

Easy answer: We do not need "White History Month." "White Pride" is not the same as "Black Pride." I'm really sick of hearing this garbage, as we hear every February. And remember, I'm the guy who keeps screaming that political correctness and identity politics are out of control. So hopefully that keeps at least one person's attention here. Let me explain this to you, if you're genuinely confused. If you're just a dick or a white supremacist, you can just jump down to the … [Read More...]

Tea and Unaccountability: Bureaucracy and the Drug War

Last week Radley Balko described a Kansas case in which loose-leaf tea led to a police raid. One law enforcement officer saw someone shop at a hydroponics store, and another officer conducted trash searches at the shoppers' house and found leaves, and a "field test" suggested (falsely) that the leaves were marijuana, and it was […]

What Happened In The Hammond Sentencing In Oregon? A Lawsplainer

Much ink has been spilled amount United States v. Hammond, the federal criminal prosecution cited by militia members as one of the motivations for taking over a federal facility in Oregon. The increased sentence imposed on the Hammonds has been cited as a sign of government abuse. But the sentencing itself is not remarkable. In […]


Ohio Judge Tim Grendell Is Popehat's Censorious Asshat of 2015

The votes are in. With a commanding lead of 10.2% over the nearest challenger, Ohio Judge Tim Grendell is Popehat's Censorious Asshat of 2015. Congrats, Judge Grendell. Honestly Grendell wasn't my choice. But I can see how he won: he's emblematic of the vapid pettiness of power. Grendell abused his contempt power in a fit […]

Graphic Novels and Web Comics I Put on Patrick's Reading List

Some of which he even read. At Popehat, we  celebrate our core beliefs.  To achieve victory, one must attack.  But one cannot attack without a plan.  A plan cannot be formed without mastering fundamentals.  And nothing is more fundamental than reading.  We even think pictures occasionally enhance the experience.  As such, here's a slice of […]

Successful People Are 100% Convinced That They Are Masters Of Their Own Destiny

A light-hearted reminder from our friends in Hollywood that when you talk to the police, you lose control of your destiny. Even if your IQ is five standard deviations above the mean.  

Clark's Farewell To Popehat

A few years ago Ken and Patrick invited me to write at Popehat because we shared a commitment to defending free speech and other virtues of the Enlightenment. While that's still true, it's become clear that our tactics and audiences differ and it makes sense for me to excuse myself from Ken's living room and […]

David Brooks of the New York Times exemplifies the sartorial.

2015 Person Of The Year: David Brooks

2015 was an eventful year in the annals of history. Yet no person more exemplifies the spirit of this new era, for good and ill, than David Brooks, whom Popehat is proud to recognize as its Person of the Year. A politically active bon vivant and celebrated thought leader, Brooks  was an outspoken critic of […]

2015: Another Bad Year for Blasphemers

Popehat is pleased to offer a second guest post by Sarah McLaughlin. Sarah works for the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (though the opinions expressed here are her own) and is interested in free speech and civil liberties. You can follow her on Twitter at @sarahemclaugh. At the conclusion of 2012 and 2013, Ken […]

Popehat 2015 Year In Review

As the year ends, here's a small collection of the 2015 posts that got the most traffic, notice, abuse, or idiosyncratic fondness from me: Reason commenters still haven't forgiven me: Our series on the Department of Justice's abuse of a grand jury subpoena to uncover commenters engaged in political hyperbole drew a lot of attention, […]

Scared of Sondheim: A Story About Offense

Popehat is pleased to welcome back Lisa McElroy, an associate professor of law at the Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law, for another guest post. Her first novel, Called On, was just published by Quid Pro Books. Ask any university professor in the country, and she’ll tell you that trigger warnings are a […]