FBI Actively Investigating Prenda Law Team For Fraud

The Federal Bureau of Investigation's Minneapolis office is conducting an active investigation of the principals of Prenda Law, the notorious team of crooked copyright trolls that I've spilled so much e-ink over here. Today I spoke with two sources who confirmed receiving a letter from the FBI inquiring about their experiencing with Prenda and seeking information about Prenda's activities. The letter -- which I have reviewed -- has been sent out on a large scale to attorneys who have … [Read More...]

Rape and Civility

Yesterday over at The Watch, Radley Balko reported on a story from Aiken, South Carolina, where police pulled a car over for having a temporary tag (something that's not illegal), abused the inhabitants, called the African-American adult male passenger "boy", and on the pretense of searching for drugs digitally probed his anus on the side […]

Overturn Child Labor Laws!

I have a post up today at Fault Lines about how we need more nine-year-old journalists. LOCHNER REPRESENT

Road To Popehat: Friendly Advice Edition

It's time for the Road to Popehat, the feature in which we check out the site traffic logs, see what searches brought you here, and revisit the dosage on our anti-anxiety medication. Occasionally we are moved to try to be helpful to our visitors. Why not? in new york state can you say something negative […]

Lawsplainer: What Does That Controversial Mississippi Law Do, Anyway?

I have a question. Of course you do. Don't be rude. You've abandoned this site for weeks.  What's your issue? I was in trial.  I apologize for not entertaining you.  What's your question? That new law in Mississippi.  The one people call a "religious liberty" bill, either with our without scare quotes.  Does it really […]



FROM: City of Parma Police Department Public Information Officer, Detective Lieutenant Kevin Riley TO: Citizens of the City of Parma, "Media" REGARDING: Correction of False Statements Disseminated Through Harassment and Terrorism As our Vision Statement explains, the City of Parma Police Department is committed to providing the citizens of Parma with lawful environment where all […]

On the brighter side, team, nobody can say we didn't find WMDs.

That Time I Accidentally Played Dungeons & Dragons With White Nationalists

We geeks are just better at being good people. We're better than the jocks, the cheerleaders, the socs, the hierarchically and socially mundane. We transcend bigotry. If you like dwarves — who, after all, are clearly Scottish or something — and Minbari and so forth, how could we be preoccupied with silly pigmentation issues? How […]

The Fur Flies In Jupiter

Chapter One It was on the red carpet that the Breitbart bitch jumped me. Five foot six inches of wild conservative journalist, jabbering something about illegal aliens and the starving children of Judge Scalia. She'd played her cards right, smiling at me, winking and nodding, waiting until the angel dust kicked in. That was her […]

Kim Jong Il

Statement Of Dear Leader And In-House Counsel Joel Pollak Denouncing Criminal Acts Of Traitor Fields-Shapiro Gang

(BREITBART PYONGYANG) Today all the peoples of TrumpNation expressed shock and remorse at news of the well-documented crimes of slanderous traitors Michelle Fields and Ben Shapiro toward Great Leader Donald Trump and the memory of Eternal Breitbart News President Andrew Breitbart. Word of the infamous and unnameable deeds of the assassins Fields and Shapiro was […]

I don't write the headlines

Violence and Political Speech

My most recent CNN Column discusses violence in political settings. See Defend Donald Trump's right to free speech I don't get to write my own headlines, ok? Some good people think that sometimes being violent is ok. What they don't understand is that when we use violence in politics, no matter what, the bad people […]


A fabulous Roman candle exploding like a spider across the stars

On this day in 1922, the universe lit the fuse on the roman candle of the existence of one Jean-Louis Lebris de Kérouac. Somewhere along the line after that there were girls, visions, everything; somewhere along the line the pearl was handed to him, but like so many that stand at the center when the […]