I Am JACK THOMPSON! No Ordinary Disbarment Can Contain Me!!!

What? Enhanced disbarment?!? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

The Florida Bar asked for an "enhanced disbarment" in the disciplinary hearing of [games industry litigation showboat attorney and Fox News idol] Jack Thompson, held earlier this afternoon. The recommendation means Thompson would be disbarred and prohibited from applying to practice law again for ten years, according to 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida spokesperson Eunice Sigler.

Thompson's disciplinary hearing apparently ended in the attorney walking out of the courtroom after saying the judge did not have the authority to hear his case, a reader who sat in on the hearing told us.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Before walking out of the courtroom, Thompson filed what he called "Thompson's Formal Objection to June 4 Sanctions Hearing." In the rambling, 4,500-word objection, Thompson questioned Tunis' ability to preside at his hearing, calling her incompetent and arrogant and threatening to have her removed from office "in the days and weeks ahead." He also went on to call the people run The Florida Bar fascists and denied that he was involved some sort of "petty culture war."

Thompson wrapped up his 14-page objection by quoting from the bible, and saying that he and Senators Clinton and Obama understand the dangers posed by the Grand Theft Auto games.

Further discussion of this legal milestone can be had in the Popehat forum.

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Monday Morning Assorted Geekery

From around the tubes:

  • Do game designers read what you write on gaming forums? Maybe. Your chances would probably go up if you dabbled in punctuation.
  • Plenty of updates about the predictable hysteria over the impending release of Grand Theft Auto IV over at GamePolitics. Note, for example, that someone in government actually listened to Jack Thompson, so now Miami-Dade's bus shelters are safe! Plus, various organizations issue warnings that GTA IV is not for kids. But really, what's the target audience for that? Is there a group of parents who are so clueless that they don't read the boxes of what they buy for their kids, but still care enough about exposing their kids to cartoon violence and hookers that they'd listen to an organization with an acronym?
  • An interesting retrospective, with pics and video, of LucasArts' 20+ years of sci-fi games.
  • Details from a leaked script from Caprica, the Battlestar Galactica spinoff/prequel, are here. That dialogue sounds more original-series-campy to me. Maybe it's in the delivery.

Jack Thompson Will Die If You Don't Pay Attention To Him

Amusing news on the Jack Thompson front from Game Politics: (1) Jack has gone all emo because the FBI is ignoring his complaints about how the whole world, but in particular the Florida State Bar, is in a vast conspiracy to violate his rights, and (2) Jack has repeatedly reported Game Politics to the FBI for various things, including the Patriot Act.

Apparently the Patriot Act has a provision making it a federal crime to use interstate commerce to ridicule a demented vexatious litigant. This is EXACTLY why you should read laws before you pass them, Congress.

Jack Thompson and Court as the Theatre of the Absurd

Jack Thompson, a rascally "attorney" with a Cloverfield-sized bug up his ass about video games, has been a subject here before, usually as a result of Game Politics' excellent coverage of him.

Game Politics has now obtained transcripts of Thompson's nine-day state bar trial late last year, and has been running excerpts and commentary. It's astonishing; it reaches a can't-look-away-from-the-car-wreck level of sick fascination. On another level it is sad; the depiction of Mr. Thompson in action strongly reinforces my impression of him that he's seriously in need of therapy. Attorneys will enjoy Mr. Thompson's comments to the judge and his quirky (to put it mildly) grasp of evidence and procedure.


Effective Appellate Advocacy Does Not Typically Involve Rebuses

We've mentioned Jack Thompson in these pages before; he's a serially unhinged "attorney" whose crusade for the past decade has been the evils of videogames. (Previous bizarre obsessions included Janet Reno's sexual preference and rap music.)

Jack's been in a bit of trouble of late. Most recently, as Game Politics reported, the Florida Supreme Court issued an Order to Show Cause why he should not be sanctioned for frivolous filings. Sanctions could include such vexatious litigant measures as a limit on filing. Today, Game Politics speculates convincingly about what might have been the last straw for the Florida supremes — a bizarre filing that Game Politics has hosted here. In it, Thompson berates the court in a pleading including rebuses. No. Really.

This, of course, is not the first time Jack Thompson has gotten into trouble over visual aides in filings; previously he's included gay porn. (Link is safe.)

It is possible that video games made him this way. I'm just not sure which ones.

Is There A Sign On My Blog That Says "Dead Shyster Storage?"

Scenes from the re-animation and subsequent evisceration of satire, part ad infinitum:

1. Anti-gaming lunatic Jack Thompson rushes to blame NIU shootings on video games;
2. Among the resulting critiques is a satirical letter purporting to be from Samuel L. Jackson condemning Thompson on a blog;
3. Thompson takes the bait and responds as if it is actually Jackson, then a few minutes later realizes he's been duped and retracts (possibly after seeing the sidebar banner saying "these are not real").

You can't make that shit up.

Edit: Don't think for a minute that Lyndon LaRouche is going to let Jack Thompsonbogart all the crazy on this one.