Fun With Twitter!

We've had our share.

But I'll commend OCP Chairman, a bot twitter account that sends immediate, unwanted @ replies to any user who types certain keywords:

If someone tweets the word "Dick" he gets an immediate autoreply: "Dick, you're fired!"

If someone tweets the word "shoot" or "Murphy" he gets an immediate autoreply: "Nice shooting son, what's your name?"

Detroit: "Old Detroit has a cancer. That cancer is crime."

And so on and so forth.  The guy has about a dozen classic Robocop quote autoreplies, and they seem to be expanding.

Facebook may be the dominant social medium on the internet, but it's no fun.  I have fun with Twitter.

Your Friday Afternoon Suddenly Likes Twitter

I am not a big Twitter guy. It seems like an unholy magnification of the narcissism of the Facebook status. Still, every once in awhile something comes along that shows me the good that Twitter might do. But, nothing prepared me for this: SI Sports Vault.

This Twitter is the people at SI tossing up random photos from their immense archives each day. It's even better than their website, because the poster has a nice sense of photos that are topical, but still very obscure. Current favorites include this astounding shot of Manute Bol swimming and this shot of Larry Legend with his game face on.

If you are a Twitter person, this is definitely one to follow.

Greetings of the Season

Of all the platitudes put out by people at the dawn of the New Year, I think I like John Cleese's the best:

"…may you continue to be facinated by me, because I really am a wonderful human being."
No one right now does self aware egotism like Cleese, not even Shatner.

It Says A Lot About Twitter…

That the email letting me know that [someone on the Popehat blogroll] is following our Twitter account has this as its third sentence:

If you believe [someone on the Popehat blogroll] is engaging in abusive behavior on Twitter, you may report [someone on the Popehat blogroll] for spam.

I enjoy using Twitter, and someday, perhaps as a Friday timewaster, I'll post a big list of links to everyone we follow on the service.  They'll give readers an instant reading list of interesting things to read, in 140 characters or less.

But I'd guess that over 90% of the accounts that have followed our own were spammers.  In other words, it's about as useful as Usenet.  Twitter would be well served by some stringent bot protection, but that would run counter to its "Billions and billions served" claims.

At least with McDonalds. shareholders can determine exactly how many hamburgers are served, and can be assured that real humans are paying for them*, if not eating them.

*My dogs get Chicken McNuggets on the drive home from visits to the veterinarian.

All Of A Sudden, I Am Interested in Twitter

Sorry Chris, but this is going to be another "how cool is living in SF" post. The other day I was walking around and found a little trailer selling some incredible crepes. I talked with the folks there briefly, and they let me know that San Francisco has a great tradition of "street food" and that most of it is now coordinated by Twitter.

Turns out, you can get everything from curry to tamales to goat tacos, on the streets of San Francisco (sorry, I couldn't resist..) in conveyances ranging from the classic taco truck to a guy on a bike. And, they use Twitter to tell you exactly where they are going to be. They also give you hints as to what's on the menu.

Acting as a guiding force in this is an organization called La Cocina. They are helping street vendors deal with city ordinances and permits, acting as incubators for food ideas and even offering kitchen space for aspiring street vendors. Here's a map they put together of some of the many choices around SF.

I'm not usually one for the Twitter/flashmob/social networking sort of thing, but (probably because I love food like I love oxygen..) this whole thing just seems very cool to me. It's almost enough to make me sign up for Twitter and follow a bunch of these folks in hopes they make it to my neck of the woods. Especially those bacon wrapped hotdogs!

North Korean Twitter Account: Not Genuine.

If you read the Volokh Conspiracy or Instapundit (we read and enjoy both), you may have discovered the official North Korean Twitter news feed.

The feed has given its author (us) endless amusement for the past couple of days, but it's getting worrisome.  Per the Norwegian website ABC News: North Korea threatens Cyprus with war.


(Click images to enlarge translated screen captures.)


Rather than spur further international tension, we're pulling the plug.  The feed will cease operation at 5:00 eastern time, with the message:

Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il promises rocket annihilation to Cypriot bandit pirates.

(To the credit of Eugene Volokh, he quickly got the joke. As for Instapundit, we believe he got it immediately, but posted it to amuse his readers.)

Popehat In 140 Characters Or Less

Bowing to the technological inevitable, we have activated a Twitter feed.  You may find it on the sidebar to the right, or by clicking here.

A number or bloggers we admire, such as Kip Esquire, Walter Olson, and Mark Bennett use Twitter very effectively either within or outside their blogs.  As this is a group blog, our Twitter feed will be a group feed.  This is not intended as a substitute for the Popehat weblog, but as an adjunct.  We plan to use it as a means of conveying information not appropriate to the Popehat "message" (whatever that is), or other things of interest, as well as for a bit of promotion.

If you're already on Twitter, we invite you to follow us.  Our feed is short right now, but it will grow, we're sure, into the finest feed that Twitter has to offer.  If not, at least it will give Ken another reason to justify his iPhone.