Holy rusty trombone Batman!  They took out all the sex scenes!

Fair Use and Cleaned Up Batman Porn

For those who have ever had dirty thoughts about their favorite movie character, chances are there’s a porn parody to make all their naughty Hollywood dreams come true. Come on, you don't have some version of "Anna" from Frozen in your spank bank? Whatever... Princess Leia... Teletubbies? Mr. Rogers? Don't make me keep going. ADMIT IT! Well, anyway, the porn industry leaves no market un-served when it comes to Rule 34. We're talking about actual plot-driven pornos with feature … [Read More...]

From Pages of Death 1962


And round and round the censorship wheel goes. Utah State Senator Todd Weiler is just the latest to try and shape the marketplace of ideas to his own superstitious views of morality. Weiler proposed S.C.R. 9, seeking to have pornography declared a public health hazard. The resolution is hilarious – or would be, if it […]

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Sono Stato a Roma Ma Non Ho Visto Un Cazzo! (I was in Rome and I didn't see dick!)

Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, visited Rome recently, and in order to avoid offending his delicate sensibilities, the Italians covered up all the dicks and tits on the statues for him. (fonte) (source) It probably comes as no surprise to any readers that this bothers me. It isn't that I'm against thawing Iran's relationship with the […]


Atlas Mugged

Wesley Mouch had never paid much attention to men like Henry Rearden, who had risen on his own merits from the pits of a Minnesota iron mine to become sole owner of 57% of the world's steel mills. The industrialists surrounding Rearden, men like Francisco D'Anconia, who had  built on a fortune established by the […]

If they are not your favorite band, they should be.  (Unless you hate freedom and America)

Death to Section 2(a)! Hail Coleman, Connell, MacMull, and The Slants!

Last month, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit decided In re Tam, 2015 U.S. App. LEXIS 22593 (Fed. Cir. Dec. 22, 2015). In it, the Federal Circuit made a sweeping pronouncement that the First Amendment applies to trademark registrations, and that a long-criticized prohibition on “disparaging” trademarks could no longer stand. The […]

Randazza gets PWNED by Troll

Some people in our audience do not know the finer points of trolling… Wow… there I was, all proud of the article I just wrote about journalism licensing. And five minutes after posting it, I get word that I've been trolled. Yep. The proposed law was a Second Amendment protest. I would love to say […]

SC Bill

Journalism Licensing Sounds Like a Good Idea… but….

South Carolina’s house bill 4702 seeks to create "The South Carolina Responsible Journalism Registry." The bill sounds like a pretty good idea. Lets face it, there are a lot of terrible journalists out there. A lot of hacks who don't deserve the name. When Sabrina Erdely made up the Rolling Stone story about gang rapes […]

Kinney v. Barnes, 57 Tex. Sup. J. 1428 at n.7, (Tex. 2014) (citing SOBCHAK, W., THE BIG LEBOWSKI, 1998).

Beware of Good Intentions When it Comes to Censorship

Censorship often comes along with a side order of good intentions — or at least that is in the marketing materials for the proposed censorship. You want a world without racism? Lets ban racist speech! But, the problem is that censorship almost always turns into a tool to seize or maintain a grip on power. […]

Legal Marketing Supergenius Patrick Zarrelli Finally Gets Around to Threatening Me

It's hurtful to be left out. That's why I've been miffed at Patrick Zarrelli. Dude's threatened everybody who is anybody amongst mood-disordered middle-aged lawbloggers. Scott Greenfield. Mark Bennett. Brian Tannebaum. Keith Lee. But not me. What the fuck, Patrick Zarrelli? Am I not a man? Am I not a lawblogger? If you annoy me, am […]

Their Rising Voices Sang Alongside Martin Luther King

MLK's First Amendment Legacy

If I were to write about Martin Luther King, Jr.’s contribution to civil rights, I think I would be wasting my time. Far more qualified views are out there, especially today. However, I feel like it is worth mentioning that he had a part in a profound change in favor of Civil Liberties as well. […]

What's got “The Slants” case, CUMFIESTA, Fuckingmachines, Nutsacks, and Japanese porn?

My latest law review article does! Randazza, Marc J., Freedom of Expression and Morality Based Impediments to the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (January 16, 2016). Nevada Law Journal, Vol. 16, No. 1, 2016. When I did my LLM in International Intellectual Property in Italy, I had to write a thesis. What else would I […]