Bleg: External Storage Devices For iOS? Wireless or not.

So. I'd like an external storage device for iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, etc.) that the family could use on a long trip to store pictures (for backup of travel photography) and video (for taking along movies, TV, etc.). We're going places where we may not have reliable wifi, so cloud-based isn't an option. Being able to stream from the storage device to iOS devices would be nice, but isn't essential if transferring things to and from the device is easy. I want to be able to move video, … [Read More...]

How To Write (Or Solicit) A Good Letter Supporting A Defendant At Sentencing

This week various political figures took some abuse for writing letters seeking leniency in the sentencing of former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, who got a 15-month sentence for monetary transactions designed to conceal that he was paying off victims of sexual abuse. I've argued before that if you write a sentencing letter in support of […]

Marc Randazza Wrote An Amicus Brief About Klingon, And It's Magnificent

So a while ago my friend and co-blogger Marc Randazza texts me. "If a 1 is 'I banged any chick I ever just winked at' and a 10 is 'I can recite hamlet in the original klingon,' how much of a Trekkie are you?" Marc's been my friend for quite a while now so this […]

Regarding That Oklahoma Rape Decision You're Outraged About

Did you hear? Oklahoma said it's legal to rape someone if they're unconscious from drinking! They said it's not rape at all! It's classic victim-blaming! It's outrageous! It's rape culture! It's just what you would expect from one of those states! Or not. In fact, it is illegal in Oklahoma to rape someone who is […]


Satire Is Satire Even When People Fall For It, Mr. Jarvis

For years I've been trying to figure out who made this point: all satire is a shared joke between the writer and the reader at the expense of a hypothetical third person — the dupe — who takes it literally. The existence of that third person is a specifically contemplated feature, not a bug. This […]

Bathrooms and Fear

Our cultural wedge issue of the moment is bathrooms, and which ones transgender people ought to use. North Carolina's recent law and spin-off corporate policies and boycotts thereof have kept this in the headlines. My biases are fairly straightforward. I don't think there is any sudden surge of transgender people trying to use the bathroom […]

A Response To A Critical Email From A University of Wisconsin-Superior Student

In response to my post yesterday, a UW-Superior student wrote to me. I responded. Meanwhile, after receiving the FIRE's letter, UW-Superior closed the investigation without action. I confirmed that the person writing me was a student, but have elected not to name him here. Dear Mr.White, Last Friday (04/23/2016), you published an article called "How […]

How Inanely Censorious Can College Administrators Get? University of Wisconsin – Superior Will Show You

Over at The Torch at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Adam Steinbaugh reports on a university administration sinking to depths of censorious idiocy that managed to surprise me. The University of Wisconsin – Superior's student newspaper, The Promethean, ran an April Fool edition for the second year in the row. The entire concept […]

What Empathy Looks Like: Twitch Streamer Brandon Nance Resigns After Ranting At A Depressed Fan

Everyone knows that if you've fought depression or anxiety or bipolar disorder, you'll be much more patient and compassionate with others who suffer, right? Right? Well, no. Not necessarily. I've heard that nobody has more contempt for junkies than another junkie, that nobody despises drunks like a drunk. This doesn't surprise me. Compassion and empathy […]


Harvard Law Student Is A Twit, But Possibly Not An Anti-Semitic Twit

Harvard Law School: 'tis a silly place. The font of innumerable Supreme Court Justices, its students are capable of a sort of conscious, plodding self-seriousness that would make a performance artist soil herself. Important things are treated stupidly and stupid things are treated importantly and everywhere there are reminders that law is a cold-iron tool, […]

Germany's Libel Laws: A Threat To Democracy [Guest Post By Colin Cortbus]

Colin Cortbus is a student and freelance journalist – his freelance investigative work has appeared in the UK Daily Mirror, the UK Daily Star, and Channel 7 (Israel). German Chancellor Angela Merkel has come under intense international scrutiny over authoritizing state attorneys to prosecute a TV comedian over a vulgar, satirical poem he performed lampooming […]