Update on The Popehat Podcast

I've written about it before, and I teased it in yesterday's flag burning post, but a Popehat podcast is getting closer. (I know, I said that last December.) I have all the content ready for the first episode. I've been listening to a lot more podcasts and have gotten more of a sense of what I want to do with it. Tentatively it will be titled "Make No Law: The Popehat Free Speech Podcast." It will focus on free speech issues, defined very broadly to include both legal and cultural … [Read More...]

Lawsplainer: Why Flag Burning Matters, And How It Relates To Crush Videos

I have a question about flag burning. I deserve this. I earned this. I've . . . done things. I am forsaken and abhorred by God. Oh stop being so dramatic. I just want to ask why I should care. What? Look, I get that the Supreme Court ruled — twice — that flag burning […]

How deplorable!

We can never be too safe! (Update – Passenger banned for life)

We can never be too safe from awful speech. You know, speech with which we disagree. That kind. This douchebag got on a flight and went on a 45 second triumphant rant about Trump. “We got some Hillary bitches on here,” the man yelled. “Come on, baby. Trump!” He then kept yelling, telling everyone that […]

Update: Ninth Circuit Rejects Attack on "Comfort Women" Monument

In 2013, the city of Glendale, California created a monument to "comfort women" — women of various countries sexually enslaved by the Imperial Army of Japan during World War II. Back in 2014 I wrote about a lawsuit brought by Japanese-Americans against the City of Glendale in which the plaintiffs claimed that Glendale's commemoration violated […]

Part 1 of Herbert Matthews' 3 part series

Castro Dead – Good Time to Talk About "Fake News"

"Journalists" are writing about "fake news" as if "bullshit" was something new. If you don't know the name "Herbert Matthews," but you think you know anything about Fidel Castro, you don't know shit. Matthews was the master of journalistic fiction, and he and the New York Times are why you even know Castro's name. Matthews […]

This guy was no better than Castro

Castro is Dead. So What?

So Castro is finally dead. Some are dancing on his grave. Some are mourning him. As usual, I agree with nobody. Fulgencio Batista, the Cuban dictator who preceded him was arguably worse. Knowing that matters. Batista jailed and tortured his political opponents and was as brutal a dictator as Castro ever could have imagined. He […]


True Threats v. Protected Speech, Post-Election Edition

So. Thank goodness everyone seems to be going about this really calmly. Dateline: Rutgers. Kevin Allred, a professor of Beyoncé Studies, is not taking recent news philosophically. In the course of a rant he offers these: Days later, the NYPD shows up at his home and hauls him off to Bellvue for a psychiatric evaluation. […]

Lawsplainer: About Trump "Opening Up" Libel Laws

Donald Trump famously said he'd like to "open up" libel laws. How much should that concern you? From my perspective — as a First Amendment advocate and an opponent of Trump — it should concern you as an attitude about speech, but not much as a policy agenda. Let's start with what he said. "One […]


Gracias por estar aquí

Lets start with what this is not. I am neither predicting doom from a Trump presidency, nor am I telling you that you have nothing to worry about. That isn't the point. The point is not the relative merits of what happened on November 8. The point is that if you want to fix it, […]

"That kind of thing" ... yeah, that's my baby daughter with the Lizard Man.  Guess what?  She still has not joined a gang.

Delray Beach Passes Really Stupid Tattoo Studio Ordinance

The City of Delray Beach, Florida decided that it didn’t like “that kind of thing.” So, they took a page out of the moral-crusader textbook — formerly only used to ban adult bookstores and strip clubs — and informed tattoo artists that they are just not welcome in their Quiet Little Beach Community. Ordinance No. […]

Image of Professor Santilli courtesy of http://www.i-b-r.org/Prof-Santilli-faces.html, used for criticism and reporting.

Popehat Signal: Dutch Blogger Sued In Florida For Criticism of Junk Science

It's time for the Popehat Signal, in which I request help for people whose speech is threatened by bogus and censorious lawsuits. Pepijn van Erp blogs about science and pseudoscience from the Netherlands. He praises good science and skewers and critiques the bad. Wait a minute. Is that the Jaws theme playing? Yes. Yes it […]